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Wall Insulation Manchester

wall insulation manchester

Manchester – the original home of the industrial revolution – has since grown into an exciting hub of technological innovation. Here at Home Logic, we too have introduced ground-breaking technology to the city of Manchester, with our revolutionary wall insulation technique.

We’re talking about Home Logic Wall Insulation – the most advanced and sophisticated external wall insulation product available on the market today.

Our wall insulation Manchester based specialists have been helping lots of local people save money on their energy bills, from Salford, all the way down to Stockport!

There is a good mixture of properties within the city, from posh new developments, to ancient buildings dating back to the Victorian times.

If you live in an older property, chances are you could be losing copious amounts of heat through your roof and through your walls.

Therefore, it is incredibly important  to consider the application of an external insulation product, and how it could help prevent this.

Science and Technology – How it all Works

Home Logic Wall Insulation is sprayed onto the exterior brickwork of your home. Once settled, the impenetrable barrier against water and moisture will begin to take effect immediately.

You may be wondering how this helps to keep your house warm. Well a wet wall is more than twice as likely to allow heat to pass through it than a dry wall. This is true even if your wall material has just 5% damp content. So as you can see, wetness has a massive effect on temperature control! This is because heat travels much more efficiently across wet surfaces. This is just simple physics –heat will always travel towards the cold.

Our premium quality external wall insulation product will ensure damp does not enter your wall structure and therefore maintains good insulating quality throughout. A wall insulation Manchester service has never been so effective!

wall insulation manchester

Home Logic Wall Insulation is sprayed onto the exterior brickwork of your home. Once settled, the impenetrable barrier against water and moisture will begin to take effect immediately

Why is External Wall Insulation So Good?

Here are just a few examples of the many benefits a wall insulation Manchester based service can provide:

  • Prevent frost damage and plumbing issues
  • Exterior walls remain clean and attractive for up to 20 years
  • Improves thermal efficiency of your walls
  • Your property is still able to ventilate and breathe
  • Reduce the growth of microbial spores
  • 20-year lifetime guarantee
  • Easy and unobtrusive application process

wall insulation manchester

In addition to this, Home Logic External Wall Insulation is also fully EN ISO 15148:2002 certified, for long-term peace of mind!

Home Logic Wall Insulation

So where does the technology come into it? Home Logic Wall Insulation has been developed whilst taking influence from the latest nanotechnology.

This allows for a chemical reaction to take place within the mineral groups to actively bond with the surface of your wall. An invisible barrier is created during this process, resting up to 17mm deep into the substrate.

This provides total protection against water absorption, and prevents dirt and debris from latching on to the brickwork. The product will reduce water absorption by over 95% – meaning your walls will stay dry all year round!

We are able to demonstrate its superior performance on concrete, mortar, brick, sandstone and any other porous material.

Once installed, Home Logic Wall Insulation will protect your property from rainwater, algae, mould, condensation issues, dust, dirt and debris – for up to 20 years!

Wall Insulation Manchester Based Projects

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