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Wall Insulation Types for Homes: How Do They Perform in Practice?

Wall Insulation Types

When you think of property insulation, you probably consider the scratchy fibreglass panels in your loft, built-in concrete blocks in your wall cavities, or cellulose stuffed in crawl spaces under your floor.

Yet there are numerous wall insulation types for homes, and they’re not all focused on sitting within the interior of them – why not insulate from the outside in, rather than the other way around? The following guide aims to provide you with all you need to know to get started…

Protection From The Elements

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation is a specialist spray that forms an insulation layer over bricks and porous masonry materials, protecting properties on the front line from cold and wet weather outside.

A transparent chemical mix that’s not visible and has no odour, it actively bonds with the surface of the material and penetrates up to 17mm deep. Once applied, the chemical bond protects against dirt, algae, rain, oil and pollution: keeping your home warmer and the air quality cleaner.

As a front-line barrier against the elements, your insulation inside can be adapted accordingly. You may not need more expensive or space-hungry products indoors if you’ve suitably covered the exterior of your home.

Reduces Water Absorption

Bricks and porous building materials absorb rainwater and residual moisture from the air over time, compromising the quality of their insulation properties as temperatures lower.

This also results in degradation of the materials – including moss and mould growing, cracks developing, discolouration appearing, and gradual unkempt aesthetics on the outside of your home.

Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation reduces water absorption by up to 95%, greatly decreasing your home’s ability to chill itself without intending to.

This level of performance is guaranteed for 20-years without a re-spray; keeping your home more energy efficient and lowering your household bills for heating and cooling. This insulation barrier is completely invisible, offering external protection like no other product can.

Compared to other types of wall insulation for homes… Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation doesn’t negate or hinder the effects of internal insulation, but instead boosts it by not cooling or dampening it from one side.

internal insulation problems

Fully Breathable Masonry

Brickwork and masonry still allow a degree of air to pass through, and like all exterior wall materials, shifts and re-shapes slowly over time. Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation allows this to happen, whilst blocking out moisture.

5% damp content in a wall reduces its thermal resistance by 50% – so the protection Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation offers has a huge impact without lessening the non-harmful natural properties your masonry has.

Compared to other types of wall insulation for homes… Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation still allows your property to age and develop as it should, but won’t allow its thermal resistance to deteriorate.

Superior Self-Cleaning Abilities

The chemical make-up of Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation means that dirt, algae and other pollutants are unable to stick to affected surfaces – and slide right off with rainwater!

This keeps your frontage looking brand new year-round, even if you live near trees and debris or in a coastal area with particularly salt-heavy air.

Compared to other types of wall insulation for homes… Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation offers a way to keep your exterior surfaces clean, unlike anything else on the market!

Expert Application Process for Wall Insulation Types

A specialist, chemical product, Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation should only be applied by a British Board of Agrement-accredited technician. The process undertaken to ensure the insulation is applied correctly includes:

  • Power washing the exterior walls
  • Treating any algae present, to ensure that it doesn’t return
  • Repairing any cracks or damaged render
  • Bagging and stabilising any problem areas
  • Masking any areas not to be sprayed
  • Priming surfaces for maximum adherence and effect
  • Spraying on the Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation with a fantastic finish and even coat
  • Cleaning up the whole site on completion of the installation.

Compared to other types of wall insulation for homes, Home Logic Exterior Wall Insulation is only installed by specialists with knowledge and experience of the chemicals and equipment used.

These are not ‘have-a-go’ tradespeople, but are recommended by third party company Which? as Trusted Traders, and work strictly to their code of ethics.

Simply click the button below for a consultation and home inspection, to discuss protecting your home’s exterior walls with Home Logic.