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Want A Conservatory To Join House To Annexe? Here's What To Do...

conservatory to join house to annexe

An annexe is an outstanding home addition to provide space for teenagers who are after some independence and to create an independent living space for older relatives who need a little extra support. 

Normally, an annexe is completely separate to the main property, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way!

Creating a conservatory transition between the annexe and your main property is a great idea to incorporate the annexe into your home as an extra living space, or even just to avoid having to dash between buildings in the cold and rain to visit your parents or kids.

While there’s a chance that you’ll hit barriers with planning permisison or building regulations, the project is entirely possible for many properties and has been done before with amazing results. 

However, above and beyond regulations and permission, there are a couple of things that you need to consider if you want a conservatory to join house to annexe...
Choosing the Right Conservatory Type

The first consideration is the type of conservatory that you’re going to choose. Each conservatory type has its own distinct features and will work differently in different spaces.

The right conservatory type for your annexe to house extension will largely depend on the shape and size of the space that you want to cover. Victorian, Edwardian and Gable conservatories are all nice options, but you may find that a custom-design will work best.

conservatory to join house to annexe

Designing a conservatory can be a little tricky, but with the right expert design advice, you could end up with a house-to-annexe conservatory that looks incredibly beautiful.

Insulating Your Conservatory

The second consideration that will make or break the project is insulation. Conservatories are not known for their heat retention and transitioning between a warm house, a cold conservatory and a warm annexe is not going to be fun.

To fix this problem, the best place to look for a solution is the conservatory roof. Heat rises, so the vast majority of the heat in your conservatory is going to be going straight through the glass or polycarbonate of the roof. 

One product designed to fix this problem is multi-foil insulation. Very different to standard insulation, multi-foil insulation is constructed with multiple layers, each with a different purpose:

  • Metalized Poly Foil – Provides a heat barrier that protects the conservatory during the summer and winter. This layer is crucial to the overall heat loss prevention that the insulation provides. 
  • Multi-Foil – Creates a barrier that protects the conservatory from around 95% of radiant heat, allowing you to use the conservatory even during the middle of summer.
  • Vapour Control – Defends against condensation and damp to create a conservatory that isn’t prone to serious moisture problems. 
  • Thermowadding Membrane – Designed with pockets of air that help to prevent radiant heat conduction and keep the temperate in the conservatory properly regulated throughout the year. 
  • Roof Covering – Stylishly designed to contain all the layers of insulation so the conservatory remains looking great with a much better internal environment.

The whole system is designed to prevent around 90% of heat loss, as well as offering up many more benefits, so you can enjoy the conservatory as a stand-alone room as well as turning the structure into the perfect connection between the main part of your home and your annexe. 

conservatory to join house to annexe

A house to annexe conservatory could completely change your living space for the better, so don’t wait a day longer than necessary to see your designs brought to life, contact Home Logic today by calling 0800 1700 636

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A house to annexe conservatory could completely change your living space for the better, so don’t wait a day longer than necessary to see your designs brought to life, contact Home Logic today by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!

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