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Water Resistant Nano Coating: How Does It Help My Home?

water resistant nano coating

There are those home improvements that hit you as soon as you walk through the door, from new sparkling kitchens, to a change in furniture to match the current trends.

Alongside these, are home improvements that are designed to defend your home against the dangers of the outside world, namely, the weather.

The UK faces a new bout of weather-related problems every year, much of which directly impacts the structural security and comfort of our homes. One of the most severe of these is heavy rain and flooding; a reoccurring problem for many residents in the UK.

Homes hit with severe weather, multiple times a year, need an extra level of protection.

While there many ways that you can protect your home against the weather, one that is designed to stand the test of time, is a water resistant nano coating.

Unlike a new kitchen, or new furniture, this home improvement isn’t going to make your rooms stand out and create the wow factor; in fact, it is virtually invisible.

So, how can an invisible product offer any kind of protection? It’s time to find out…

What is a Water Resistant Nano Coating?

Investing in a home improvement that you can’t see many seem a little strange, but while you can’t see the product, you can certainly feel the effects.

A water resistant nano coating is a form of water repellent wall coating, specially designed to stop water from penetrating the external walls of your home.

The water resistant nano coating is applied to external walls, such as those made from masonry or concrete, where it bonds with the surface and stops water from soaking through the exterior material.

This effectively forms a hydrophobic protection layer, where instead of soaking into a material, the water beads up, and then slides away.

The Benefits That a Nano Coating Offers Your Home

The benefits of a professional water resistant nano coating surround its ability to essentially repel water away from a surface. In the face of heavy rain, and wind driven rain, this stops a property from being so harshly subjected to the dangers of wet weather.

As just a little damp inside a property can significantly increase the amount of energy needed to heat a property, a water-resistant wall coating can also save you money on your energy bills.

water resistant nano coating

At Home Logic, our team is highly experienced in the preparation and application of professional standard wall coatings, specially designed to protect a property against the dangers of inclement weather!

The Additional Benefits of a Wall Coating

While the water repellent aspect of a water resistant nano coating is the primary benefit, there are also additional benefits to using a high-quality wall coating.

The benefits can be split into two main categories: maintenance and breathability.


By restricting what can settle on the surface of a wall, a wall coating becomes self-cleaning. This means that dirt and algae won’t affect the external appeal of your home, lessening the maintenance that you need to keep your home in excellent condition.

The self-cleaning benefits also extend to the ongoing protection of your home, as it stops salt damage and discolouration, as well as the affects of aging on your exterior surfaces.


A water resistant nano coating offers one of the most important benefits of a professional wall coating: breathability. Despite protecting the wall from rain damage, it still allows the material to continue breathing.

The water resistant nano coating stops water entering, but it doesn’t stop the property from breathing outwards, allowing water and air to leave the property.

The Best Weather Protection for Your Home

Investing in a water resistant nano coating may not create that statement home improvement feature, but it certainly will increase the quality of life in your home, and help your property to stand-up to the harsher side of UK weather.

Even if you can’t see the end result, like many previous customers, you’ll be able to feel it throughout your home.  From making your home warmer, to giving you a peace to mind over the security of your home, investing in a water resistant coating is a wise consideration.

For more information about wall coatings, and their application, you can contact our expert team today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!