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Waterproofing Exterior Brickwork with Masonry Creme

 If you own a property with a bit of age attached to it, chances are you’re spending quite a bit of money keeping the temperature consistent. Whether this be by air conditioning units or central heating systems, you’re constantly having to rely upon manual methods. You may also be keeping an eye on any condensation issues within your home, even though the home itself feels nice and toasty.

A possible explanation behind this is because your home is built with stone walls rather than cavity walls, as most pre-1920’s builds were.

However, even cavity walls can suffer the same moisture problems if the internal gap is exposed to moisture. This is why waterproofing exterior brickwork, no matter what type of wall you have, is so important.

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Applying insulation in existing walls and Waterproofing Exterior Brickwork with Masonry Creme

Waterproofing Exterior Brickwork with Masonry Creme

When external walls are exposed to a source of water such as rain, the water can enter and attack the masonry, where in some serious cases the water can travel through to your internal walls. This can lead to a significant amount of damp build-up. This particular obstacle can be overcome by waterproofing exterior brickwork with masonry crème.

Home Logic masonry crème is a penetrable, water-resistant substance, ideal for the protection of your rendering and the whole envelope of your property.

Masonry paint disallows rain the chance to attack your masonry by lining their outer pores rather than blocking them up. This is what allows your masonry, walls and your property overall to breathe adequately.

Waterproofing exterior brickwork will retain the aesthetic look and feel of your masonry and offer a much longer period of protection, in comparison with other methods of wall insulation. This is the ideal method of protecting your home, weather proofing and waterproofing exterior brickwork for years to come.

Masonry Crème – Home Logic Wall Insulation

Home Logic Wall Insulation protects your masonry and keeps it waterproof. This is simply because wetter materials transfer heat much quicker than dry materials. An added bonus to this is that it’s also debris and dirt resistant as dirt particles struggle to get a hold of your brickwork. Dirt and debris will simply wash away with the rainwater meaning your façade keeps its aesthetic look throughout the toughest of climates.

An application of Home Logic Wall Insulation will lead to an improvement in your home’s thermal efficiency and prevent any damage to your property’s structure during the winter season. To further add to particular décors, the protective layer is available in a variety of different colours. Not many people get to say they can design and style both the inside and outside of their homes! This is just one of the many benefits to waterproofing exterior brickwork! Read more here on exterior wall insulation recommendations.

Benefits of Home Logic Wall Insulation

  • Prevent heat loss through your walls
  • Say goodbye to moisture and condensation!
  • Improve the acoustics of your interior
  • Keep assured with our 20 year protection guarantee
  • Give your home the makeover it deserves!
  • Resilient towards all weather conditions
  • 100% safe to apply and be around without any health risks!
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Our Easy and Efficient Insulation Process

However, here at Home Logic, we believe in following a very simple yet productive 10 step checklist for every exterior job we take on. The details of this are explained here. But, as with all projects we undertake, it all begins with a free site survey and a property inspection.

This helps us to highlight any areas of concern before the power washing process commences. We power wash the application areas so that as much dirt can be removed as is physically possible.

We then go through a series of preparation steps to guarantee the surfaces are safe and clean enough for application. This includes crack repairs, rendering, algae treatment and bagging.

The bagging process involves an application of an SBR/UniBond Bag Coat for remarkable stability performance and quality adhesive.

To round off the preparation work, we apply protective tape to the surrounding areas of the application. This is to ensure that we don’t spray where we don’t need to. We then lay down some dustsheets and put a layer of primer coat pre-installation.

Of course, as expected, we clean up and tidy away after ourselves once the job is done so the hassle of that is taken off your hands.

This then rounds off our end-to-end, personalised service. Finally, we remove the protective tape quickly and efficiently, which maintains our promise of zero disruption to your day-to-day activities from start to finish.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

This is a question we get a lot but find difficult to answer. Many factors are taken into consideration during the free site survey, such as the size of the property and exactly how much of it is being insulated. Prices can start from as low as £7,000-£8000 and in some cases can rise to over £20,000. It’s important to take on board that these prices are strictly estimates and come from the people over at the Energy Saving Trust.

Like we stated above, a quote will be given at the end of the free-site survey, allowing you to take that quote on board and give you the opportunity to compare elsewhere.

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Waterproofing Exterior Brickwork with Masonry Creme

Will I Need Planning Permission for This?

In the majority of cases you don’t need to gather planning permission to undertake external wall insulation. That is however, the work carried out changes the façade of your property in terms of how it looks. In which case, again in the majority of cases, you will need to gather planning permission. Property’s such as listed buildings may also run into a couple of issues, as the regulations tend to be much more stringent. We always recommend from the offset, usually at the survey, to get into contact with your local authority before proceeding with any work. Remember – the most effective way to save money is to do it legally!

There are, however, rules to consider. Government Building Regulations state that if more than a quarter (25%) of a wall is insulated externally, then the entire wall surface should be brought up to the same standard of insulation.

This tends to be quite typical, but again it’s important to check with your local council or constituency. Bear this in mind though, if you plan to insulate a quarter of your property’s external wall – you might as well go the whole nine yards! We talked in depth about planning permission for exterior facade coatings here.

Maintain a Consistent Temperature All Year

It begs the question – what temperature is ideal for not only a particular room but a home overall? Well, according to standards set by the World Health Organisation, the recommended temperature for healthy, well-dressed occupants is around 18°C.

A recent study released by the UK government divulged that the average temperature for homes across the country is around 17°C. The difference between the average and recommended temperature is thought to be down to fuel poverty in the UK.

People, families especially, will need higher living temperatures than others might, such as the elderly or people who are ill. With the news constantly advising us to alter our own carbon footprint, it seems a little overzealous to recommend a temperature of such magnitude.

Fear not, most of us can live happily in temperatures below the recommended number so there’s no need to panic and turn up the thermostat!

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Waterproofing Exterior Brickwork with Home Logic

If you are in the position to get into contact, or even if you’re still undecided, we would love to hear from you! Whether it’s waterproofing exterior brickwork or replacing old insulation in your loft space – we’re here to help! Our dedicated team are waiting to answer your questions with pleasure. Give us a call on 0800 1700 636! We are on hand during the normal working hours, but we appreciate that you can be busy. Therefore, drop us a line if your enquiry is out-of-hours at [email protected].

Remember, you can get a free site survey with no obligation to proceed with any project, meaning the power will always remain within your hands!

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