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Waterproofing Outside of House

 Waterproofing Outside of House External wall insulation

The charm and character of older properties appeals to many, but chances are, if you live in a building that was built before the 1920s, it boasts a solid stone wall construction, as opposed to having cavity walls.

Whilst this may not sound like a big deal, older properties are more likely to suffer from issues with condensation and you may also find yourself paying more than you’d like to keep your home warm in the winter time. Waterproofing outside of house or houses is a way of combating this!

So what is the solution? External wall insulation (EWI) is an innovative way of waterproofing outside of house to prevent a loss of thermal quality, saving you money on your energy bills, and making your home cosier and more comfortable when it’s cold outside.

There are several ways of doing this, but we believe that our way is the most effective and efficient!

The Incredible Home Logic Wall Insulation

Did you know that heat travels faster across wet materials than dry materials? This means that wet brickwork can speed up heat loss from your home, no matter how high you crank the central heating.

Home Logic Wall Insulation is applied to your home’s exterior walls, leaving them waterproofed and reducing water absorption by up to 95%, compared to untreated walls. What’s more, the unique masonry cream also repels debris and dirt, ensuring your home’s exterior remains clean and fresh.

You can wave bye-bye to mould problems, as our product reduces microbial growth, and it comes in a wide choice of textures and colours to perfectly complement your home’s exterior. One quick application will help to trap heat more effectively in your home, protecting it from the elements all year round.

Benefits of Home Logic Wall Insulation

We already know that external wall insulation is a great choice for waterproofing the outside of a house, but what are the main benefits of Home Logic Wall Insulation? Firstly, it reduces heat loss through the walls, saving you money on energy bills and keeping your home cosier.

This also means that condensation-related problems are minimised. For those concerned about the appearance of their home’s exterior, our product protects for up to 20 years, in all weather conditions, and repels dirt for a fresh, clean façade.

If you live in the city, or near a busy road, there are other benefits too. The insulation provides a barrier against outside noise, so you can relax in peace and quiet after a long day at work – and it even improves the internal acoustics of your home.

Last but not least, Home Logic Wall Insulation is non-toxic, safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Why Do the Outside and Not the Inside?

When insulating your home, you want the whole process to be as efficient, affordable and effective as possible. Unfortunately, insulating solid walls internally can be more complex than applying external wall insulation.

You’ll need to fit insulation boards to the walls before applying insulation material and covering it with cladding or plasterboard.

The main issue here is that although thicker board means more effective insulation, thick board takes up more floor space in your home, which isn’t ideal if you are already pushed for space.

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Home Logic Wall Insulation: An Easy and Efficient Process

Here at Home Logic, we want all home waterproofing outside projects to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This is why our team follows an effective 10 step process for every job.

We always begin with an inspection and free site survey of your property, at a time that’s convenient for you. This helps to highlight any potential issues before we get started. Then, we power wash your home’s exterior walls to remove accumulated debris and dirt.

Following this, we ensure that your property’s walls are perfectly prepared for the application process, by carrying out any or all of the following techniques, as required:

  • Algae treatment
  • Crack repair
  • Rendering
  • Bagging – This involves applying an SBR/UniBond Bag Coat for exceptional stabilisation and adhesive requirements

There’s no need to worry about mess, as we will take care of everything. We use dustsheets, heavy-duty paper and masking tape to protect any areas of your property not to be insulated. Finally, we apply a layer of primer before your external wall insulation is installed.

Our all-inclusive service always finished with a thorough clean up. We remove protective equipment and masking tape, returning your home to a clean and tidy state, and minimising disruption to your daily life.

Our efficient process helps to minimise stress, and ensure that you benefit from insulation; which could help you to save money on your energy bills.

How Much Does EWI Cost?

So how much will waterproofing the outside of your house cost you overall? It can be difficult to say how much an individual project will cost when it comes to external wall insulation, as there can be a huge variation in pricing, depending on a range of different factors such as the size of your property and the extent of the insulation required.

According to figures from the Energy Saving Trust, external wall insulation projects can cost from £7,000 to £20,000. It’s understandable to know how much insulating your home will cost, and the best way to find out is to take advantage of our free site survey and quotation.

This will give you an idea of how much your home insulation project will cost.

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Waterproofing Outside of House External wall insulation

What About Planning Permission?

There are rules and regulations to take into consideration when it comes to waterproofing outside of house. Generally speaking, it’s unlikely that you will need planning permission unless your external wall insulation changes the appearance of your property’s exterior.

However, quite often you will find that planning permission may be needed if you own a listed building or live in a conservation area, as tighter regulations apply.

If you’re in any doubt about rules, regulations or planning permission, we would always recommend checking with your local authority, who can point you in the right direction – better to be safe than sorry!

Government regulations state that if you are planning on insulating more than 25% of your home’s exterior walls, you need to carry out the same work on the whole wall surface to bring it up to scratch, which makes sense, when you think about it.

Again, spending some time checking with the relevant bodies before your project commences could save you time and money in the long run.

Helps to Maintain a Consistent Temperature

External wall insulation can help to maintain a consistent temperature within your home, but how do you know what temperature it should be inside your four walls?

It’s true to say that some people, for example children or elderly people, will need temperatures to be higher than most of us, who are fine living at lower temperatures.

According to figures released from a study by the UK government, the recommended temperature is 21°C, yet the average home temperature is just 17°C. It’s clear that fuel poverty is responsible for this discrepancy in temperatures, and it is estimated to affect over 2.5m people in the UK.

The World Health Organisation has set average recommended temperatures for healthy people at 18°C, but again, the temperature you maintain in your home is all down to personal preference.

We are all doing our bit to reduce energy consumption and reduce our impact on climate change, yet most of us can live perfectly comfortably at temperatures lower than 21°C. It’s important not to just set your thermostat out of habit but to adjust it to a temperature that is comfortable for you and your family.

For example, if you regularly wear a jumper or cardigan in the house, the temperature of your thermostat may be set much lower. If you feel the cold, or are living with an elderly person, then it may need to be higher.

Remember that external wall insulation will trap heat inside your property, improving its thermal efficiency and keeping it warm, even when the heating is off. Not to mention it will also save you money on energy bills!

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If you’d like more information about any of the options available to you, or if you have any questions about waterproofing your home, you can contact us at any time.

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There is absolutely no obligation to proceed after the survey, although we hope you will jump at the opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency and the cost on energy bills every year whilst protecting your property for years to come!

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