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What are the Advantages of Casement Windows?

Casement Windows Advantages

As the most affordable option on the market, the Casement Windows Advantages are obvious for more limited budgets.

Available in a wide range of colours, sleek, casement windows can cater to both modern and historic backdrops.

In modern, new-build designs, either black or white uPVC will complement the minimalist aesthetics.

However, in old, cosy cottages, lead framework tends to predominate, blending seamlessly with the exterior stonework to enhance the existing charm.

Due to their highly affordable price, uPVC casement windows are perfect for whole house upgrades, enabling you to replace your existing units, without compromising your allocated budget.

But what else does this versatile window type have to offer your cosy abode? It`s time to find out...

What are the Main Casement Windows  Advantages in My Home?

Alongside their cost advantages, uPVC casement windows offer a variety of tangible benefits over more complex, intricate styles.

Unless you`re seeking a specific style, these versatile configurations can help you renovate an entire house in relatively short turnaround times.

Here`s a brief overview of their primary plus points to aide the decision-making process:

Benefit No. 1: Custom-Made to Suit Your Requirements

Your windows are a reflection of your personal tastes, and should be invested in accordingly.

The great thing about casement windows is that they can be custom made to suit your requirements, and the specific style of your home.

From flat tops and upshots to distinctive grill configurations, the options are truly endless.

For homeowners with period properties, astragal bars add instant finesse to facades, enabling you to section up the pane of glass in a visually appealing manner.

The versatility of this window type makes it perfect for awkward shaped spaces, where a more elaborate window design would restrict the interior area. 

Benefit No. 2: Easy to Maintain Long-Term

With traditional, wooden frames, keeping your windows suitably sparkling is an ongoing, uphill challenge.

Varnishing, treatment, and repair-work is pretty much par for the course, requiring significant funds and time to protect frames from the elements.

Given our persistently rainy climate, a window that stands strong in all types of weather is a definite plus point for property owners.

On the contrary, uPVC casement windows are relatively simple to maintain-a briefly, monthly clean will keep your windows in prime condition.

As these windows are built to last, you can rest assured that your glazing will remain intact for years to come, with no imminent need for replacement. 

Benefit No. 3: Can Incorporate Unique, Stylish Designs

uPVC casement windows come complete in a range of designs, with standard top hung styles remaining popular among property owners.

Seeking something more ornate? Sophisticated, window sashes can be incorporated into the hardware for something truly unique!

Depending on personal preference, you can add a variety of striking bars to further complete the look, with both Georgian and astragal bars creating a quintessential cottage effect that complements your existing exterior.

Authentic, woodgrain effects are another viable option. If you adore the aesthetics of wood but struggle with maintenance requirements, a charming, wood grain finish provides the perfect compromise! 

Benefit No. 4: Reassuringly Simple to Operate

Unlike more complex, window designs, uPVC casement windows are relatively straightforward to operate.

Boasting simple, single-lever latches, casement windows can be opened easily by hand.

This enables you to close your window immediately in the event of adverse weather, preventing rain from leaking inside and causing issues with damp.

As they are simple and easy to operate, they make a perfect addition to kitchens, where obstructions, such as sinks and worktops, require less complex opening procedures. 

Benefit No. 5: Keep Draughts and Cold Spots at Bay

Unexpected cold spots or draughts can compromise your comfort inside, resulting in a chilly interior space.

Thankfully, uPVC casement windows provide a sufficient seal, enabling you to drive out draughts for good, while retaining heat for longer.

In line with WER (window energy requirements) guidelines, all of our windows and doors are A-rated as standard, making them far more energy-efficient than older configurations.

Not only does this improve the internal temperature-it has a positive effect on your energy bills, driving them down in the right direction. Result!

Desperate to revamp your home while honouring budget restrictions? With uPVC casement windows, you can achieve both goals simultaneously to create a simple, statement look. Discover the range of options on offer by calling 0800 1700 636.