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What Can I Change on a Grade 2 Listed Building?

what can I change on a grade 2 listed building

The UK is home to a stunning array of beautiful historic dwellings, each with a unique story, and a selection of breath-taking period features. Living in a listed building can be a blessing and a curse, especially when it comes down to, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building?

The National Heritage List of England has around half a million different properties that fall under the categories of grade 1, grade 2*, and grade 2 listed buildings. Of the properties on the register, just over 91% of them are classed as grade 2 listed buildings.

These are a wonderfully varied mix of everything from residential, period homes to stately castles.

Each property or dwelling on the list is ‘special’, boasting unique features and, more often than not, beautiful architecture. Having the opportunity to purchase and live in a grade 2 building can be a remarkable experience, but it isn’t without its worries.

The question, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building? puts many people off even considering purchasing a grade 2 building, despite the traditional charm and unique features.

Many people don’t realise that the answer to, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building, is actually quite a lot – as long as it’s done right, with a sufficient level of forethought and planning!

You can obtain building permission to alter a lot about a listed building, in some cases, you can even apply to destroy listed buildings.

That being said, to ensure that you get planning permission, needs to be carefully considered, and each new project planned so that it does not destroy the parts of the building that make it truly unique.

Here are some answers to the question, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building? for you to peruse at leisure…

Install New Home Insulation

At the end of the day, a listed building is still one that you are going to have to live in – and nobody wants to live in a cold home!

It is possible to have new insulation installed inside a listed building, such as spray foam insulation. However, it can be more difficult to get planning permission for external insulation; especially if you are changing the look of the property to a substantial degree.

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what can I change on a grade 2 listed building

Repair an Existing Conservatory or Install a New One

A lot of period listed properties have conservatories already, so it won’t be too much of a surprise to learn that repairing or adding a conservatory is one answer to, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building conservatory?

However, as a conservatory is classed as an extension, it will need to be carefully designed to have the best chance at being accepted.

Add a New Driveway to Your Property

This is an especially beneficial addition if your home is in the countryside, and you’re tired of a mud-based driveway, or a crumbling driveway that’s in a sorry state of disrepair.

Changes to the exterior of a listed property, even when not directly affecting the building, often still require permission, but in a lot of cases, you should be able to have a new high-quality driveway installed, like a resin bound driveway.

Upgrade Your Windows to Energy-Efficient Systems

One of the most common reasons why, what can I change on a grade 2 listed building? Is asked, is in reference to the windows of a listed property. A lot of people don’t consider listed properties because many still have outdated single glazing –  causing notorious problems with energy-efficiency.

Thankfully, it is possible to change the glazing in many older homes, at least enough to allow the property to meet modern energy rating requirements.

There are often very strict guidelines and regulations surrounding this, so it’s important to get additional advice when looking at the best energy-efficient windows for your listed property.

Get the Best for Your Listed Property with Home Logic

Sometimes, trying to jump through the hurdles to upgrade a listed building to meet modern standards, such as through the addition of triple-glazing, can be incredibly difficult.

However, the regulations are essential to keep the most historic buildings in the UK as authentic as possible, without compromising their habitability too much.

At Home Logic, we provide the highest-quality of conservatoires, home insulation, driveways, and A-rated windows.

With previous customers the length and breadth of the UK, we have had the pleasure of working on countless uniquely beautiful properties and know first-hand just how to keep the authenticity of a property intact, while still making a period property liveable.

If you’re considering undertaking any home improvements on your listed home, or are looking to buy one, and wondering, what can you change on a grade 2 listed building? get in touch with our glazing experts today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!