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Spray Foam Insulation

What Does Roof Insulation Do?

What does roof insulation do

In this article we are going to run you through the question: what does roof insulation do? We hope to answer any questions you have - lets get right into it... 

Roof insulation likely isn’t a home improvement that you spend a lot of time looking at or thinking about. But if you’re finding your home is getting too warm too quickly as the hotter weather hits, now’s the time to consider it – it’s not just all about keeping you warm!

So, what does roof insulation do, and how can it help you cool your home as well as heat it? Let’s explore this question in a little more detail…

How Roof Insulation Works

Roof insulation acts as a barrier between your attic or loft space, and the temperature outside. The idea is that it stops air and moisture flow through any open or thin spots, creating ambient conditions inside.

Most of us think of roof insulation as just keeping properties warmer, but it is actually a terrific temperature regulator too, ensuring comfort, all year round.

Most properties have fibreglass insulation panels, but these are now quite dated, and are unable to function as effectively as more modern materials, such as spray foam.

What does roof insulation do

LogicFoam is installed directly by BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified, fully-authorised expert technicians, and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, for long-term peace of mind!

Additional Benefits of Spray Foam

Think spray foam simply regulates temperature? Think again. This multi-purpose product provides manifold, long-term benefits, including:

  • A complete seal against the outside world: The nature of LogicFoam spray foam insulation means that it forms an airtight seal, that can be installed in all kinds of hard-to-reach places.This gives you much more comprehensive coverage than traditional insulation, ensuring thorough temperature regulation throughout your home.
  • Improved air quality: LogicFoam contains no toxins or allergens, and as a foam, doesn’t deteriorate over time. It’s a healthy, open-celled foam, that won’t accumulate dust or lose its efficacy. Those with conditions aggravated by airborne pollutants will quickly notice an increase in air quality within the property. LogicFoam technicians can advise homeowners on how best to deal with their fresh spray foam insulation installation and explain how the foam lowers toxins in the home.
  • Structural benefits: If your property has structural issues, or you’d like to prevent damp from accumulating in your attic space, LogicFoam can be sprayed densely to add stability. An LogicFoam technician will be able to provide expert advice on this matter.
  • More room: traditional insulation products are normally lined along the floor space of the loft or attic. For fibreglass insulation panels, this needs to be at least 10 inches thick, and of course, can’t be stood on. Spray foam insulation is instead sprayed directly along the roof line, giving you your floor – and therefore your attic – back! It will no longer be cold, smelly or dusty, so you can have the room back to use for whatever you like.
  • Certified technician installation: Unlike DIY insulation solutions that may need replacing every few years, LogicFoam is installed directly by BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified, fully-authorised expert technicians, and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee, for long-term peace of mind. It’s quite commonplace to see negative reviews about tradespeople online, but LogicFoam (who supply LogicFoam in the UK) only have positive reviews on TrustPilot!

So, there you have it. What does roof insulation do? With spray foam, it’s more like: what doesn’t roof insulation do?

There’s no obligation or cost to have a chat on the phone with the LogicFoam team, or to book in a free home survey. All homes and all situations are different, and the team will advise you on what would work best for you and your property, so you’ll have a completely bespoke insulation solution for you. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get the ball rolling today!

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