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What Is Elastomeric Paint? The Definitive Guide

What Is Elastomeric Paint

You have spent years paying for your property, now you don’t have to leave it for 40 or more hours a week. Retirement is amazing, isn’t it? You can spend your days painting in the conservatory, baking in the kitchen, even sleeping in longer if you wish. 

Now you’re home you may be more aware of insulation problems, and now you want to get them sorted once and for all. Which is why you may be wondering what is elastomeric paint, and would my home and life improve by using it? It’s time to find out…

What Is Elastomeric Paint?

So, just what is elastomeric paint then? Elastomeric paint is a durable paint that coats the walls in a flexible film. This is a type of paint that is used on masonry and concrete. It’s formulated to stop water from getting into the walls, and causing problems.

The paint is flexible, meaning it can cope with the natural movements of the home. It’s used to improve the appearance of your construction, hide and bridge hairline cracks and add insulation value to your external walls.

Enjoy Your Home More With Elastomeric Paint

It may sound a bit extreme to say that your home will improve by such a simple action, but there is good reason for us saying that it will.

Elastomeric paint insulates the home, protecting against dirt, mildew and other problems that are caused by moisture being retained within the walls of the home. The elasticity of the paint ensures that the paint doesn’t crack over time.

The paint is also designed to deal with the contractions and expansions of the home that occur throughout the year.

Homes that have unprotected walls, or walls painted with a paint that isn’t flexible, will run into multiple problems. Perhaps the most concerning is the absorption of water into the unprotected walls. Once water gets into the walls it’s very hard to prevent problems such as damp and mildew.

It also makes it very difficult to heat the home efficiently, costing you money, and wasting a huge amount of energy. With moisture getting into the walls, the home becomes cold and damp, which isn’t a joy to spend time in!

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Elastomeric Paint: What Are The Advantages?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages of choosing to protect your walls with elastomeric paint:

  1. The paint is more durable than even the most durable acrylic paint. Elastomeric paint is able to outperform all acrylic paints, providing the home with a waterproof coating thanks to the durable film layer.
  2. Cracks in walls cause many problems in the home, but elastomeric paint stops cracks from forming. The paint is extremely thick but it retains its elasticity once it’s applied to the wall. The thickness of the paint prevents cracks from forming in masonry and even in wood.
  3. Small hairline cracks that are not causing structural weakness are bridged and repaired with a coat of elastomeric paint.
  4. Elastomeric paint doesn’t require multiple coats to work. Home Logic Wall Insulation paint only requires two coats that are applied over a primer. Once application is completed, the wall will be protected against water penetration and all cracks will be filled.
  5. The home will be protected for up to twenty years with one application of elastomeric paint. Once the process has been completed you can sit back and enjoy your home.

Preventing Thermal Bridging With Elastomeric Paint

One of the reasons your home might be damp, cold and difficult to keep warm is thermal bridging. This is when the heat leaves the home, rather than staying inside, and providing warmth and comfort to the family.

Prevent thermal bridging by applying elastomeric paint to the external walls of your home.

With thermal bridging in the home, you will be spending a small fortune in heating bills; something everyone wants to avoid.  The heating you pay for escapes through the walls, leaking into the outside world, leaving you cold and money tight.

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What Is Elastomeric Paint

What is Elastomeric Paint, And Where Can I Get It?

Elastomeric paint is a simple way of improving the condition of your home and your lifestyle. It’s a paint that Home Logic applies to your walls, ensuring the application is 100% complete and accurate.

Speak to our experts today to find out more, and book your free site survey. After the survey, Home Logic can discuss your options, and whether Elastomeric Paint will be of benefit to you and your property.

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