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What To Do When Your South-Facing Conservatory Gets Too Hot

South Facing Conservatory Gets Too Hot

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, you know that it can be an absolute heaven year-round – an additional living space that’s bright and airy and gives a great extension to your garden space.

In the summer it’s fantastic to have a space that’s almost outdoors but not quite, and make the perfect base for a book and a glass of wine out of the wind. In warmer weather, often your south-facing conservatory gets too hot, however, which can make using the room uncomfortable.

Achieving Comfortable Conservatory Conditions

Of course, you want your conservatory extension to be warm, but you don’t want it too humid or warmer than outside; which somewhat defeats the point of having one!

You also don’t want to be running in and out to open and close windows and doors to maintain a comfortable temperature, particularly if there’s noise outside.

The key to keeping the temperature in your conservatory ‘just right’ is something you probably don’t associate with keeping things cool – insulation.

what to do when conservatory gets too hot

Why Choose Home Logic’s Conservatory Insulation?

Specialist conservatory insulation isn’t designed to just keep heat in, but rather to maintain an ambient temperature throughout the room. It works both ways; keeping conservatory space cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter.

This means that when your south-facing conservatory gets too hot, the insulation will work to cool it and keep things more comfortable.

Specialist conservatory insulation was developed by NASA for the Apollo space missions, and so there’s real science behind it. It was used in space to protect equipment from extreme temperatures; both hot and cold. The insulation is unique, made up of six layers that work together

It’s installed directly into the roof of your conservatory by a specialist technician and is functional immediately.

The unique structure of the insulation allows it to focus on maintaining a comfortable temperature with no sudden changes, rather than just keeping heat in no matter how hot it may get!

what to do when conservatory gets too hot

What Other Benefits Does Conservatory Roof Insulation Offer?

Maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature reduces your energy usage as well. Less dependence on energy sources means that more of your hard-earned cash stays in your wallet, to allocate to the things that matter. 

It’s nice to feel like we’re ‘doing our bit’ for the environment… and even more so if it helps save some household expenditure at the same time!

Conservatory insulation of this type will also help to lessen noise levels, so if there’s noise outside you don’t need to worry about it distracting you.

If your conservatory has a solid roof, Conservatory Insulation can be installed straight into it. If your conservatory has a glass roof, the insulation can itself act as a lightweight roof solution. It will still need to be installed by an expert, but will be just as effective as if it is installed onto a solid roof.

Our talented team are available to discuss and make recommendations for your property on the phone (Freephone 0800 1700 636), and can help advise and guide you on how to ease the heat of your south facing conservatory.

You can also contact the team online for a free site survey. This session enables you to explore all available options, and discover how you can make this advanced home improvement work for you!