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What to Expect: New Series Grand Designs

Tree houses, energy efficient insulations and unconventional designs. Kevin McCloud is back on Channel 4 with a brand new series of Grand Designs.

Get ready for the new series of Grand Designs on Channel 4 next Wednesday, with the first episode showcasing how the Icynene Insulation System was able to create an effective building envelope by air sealing an ambitious treehouse project situated in the Gloucestershire Woodlands.

What to Expect: New Series Grand Designs

We were able to showcase Icynene Spray foam Insulation in its optimal environment, an unconventional build. Although Icynene is suitable for residential homes, demonstrating its capabilities in a structure like this is a great way of showing what you can achieve when it comes to insulating irregular areas.

Constructions such as a treehouse would be difficult for normal materials such as Kingspan to insulate due to its irregular corners and angles . With Icynene you are ensuring maximum heat retention as the eco friendly foam expands to over 100 times its size, creating a secure building envelope and eliminating air leakage points which can cause your property to loss heat and cost you money in energy bills.

What is Icynene insulation?

Icynene is fairly new to the Uk, arriving to its shores within the last two years. Since its arrival here and across the rest of Europe it has received a number of certifications establishing its quality, performance and reliability as one of the most effective insulations on the construction market. Certifications such as BBA and ETA approval are not easy to get and by passing a set of rigorous and enduring tests of performance, Icynene has managed to secure them both.

If this by itself doesn’t secure your trust in the product, how about this. Home Logic, A Southampton based company operating nationwide, are the ONLY BBA pitched roof insulation installers licensed to sell Icynene.

By passing a  combination of BBA approval for the product and BBA installer approval you can be assured you are receiving the highest level of service you can get when it comes to installing a product to a professional standard.

But hey, don’t just take it from us, why not have a look at some of the reviews we got from trusted third party review collector Trustpilot. They speak for themselves.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray Foam Insulation covers a broad spectrum of building materials not just limited to Icynene insulation. The most popular product customers can confuse us with is Polyurethane.

We actively promote ourselves as being the evolved alternative to Polyurethane. The problem with Polyurethane insulation is that it can cause damage to buildings as its closed cell composition makes it difficult to work with, along with a number of other issues. Closed cell insulations are normally recommended for commercial and industrial properties.

For more information you can see our  info graphic demonstrating the differences between Icynene and Polyurethane.

When it comes to costs, Icynene pays for itself on average 3 years. This does not include the fact that energy prices are constantly on the rise, in fact they have doubled since 2004 and are set to do so again in the future. Icynene insulation costs can start from around £27 per square meter, but conditioning factors to be determined by a surveyor include:

  • Location of property – Different locations have different weather patterns, Icynene is suitable for all weather demographics and this has been proven by its journey from the extreme cold conditions of Canada to the hot dusty planes in Croatia.
  • Type of roof – Each roof is different and it is up to a trained Icynene professional to establish the thickness of insulation that will be required to keep your property at an optimum temperature.
  • Type of area to be insulated with Icynene- Is it a roof, wall or underfloor? Each area sprayed will have different requirements and this needs to be ascertained by a trained and licensed Icynene installer.

About Grand Designs

Grand Designs is a programme broadcasted on Channel 4 which is showcasing Home Logic and the revolutionary Icynene Insulation System in action. Throughout the years it has seen an impressive number of architects, home owners, do it yourselfers and dreamers design, build and live their dream of a custom built home.

Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud has been at the forefront of Grand Designs since it first began in 1999, over 17 years ago. He writes and presents the show as well as hosting a number of other shows including Into the Wild, a programme which follows the lives of neo nomadics  who have chosen to reside in some of the most remote locations in the world.

kevin mccloud from grand designs

He is based in the rolling fields of Somerset, in the South West of England where he also runs his very own property development company, HAB Housing Limited.

Turn your home into a grand design with the Icynene insulation system

Building materials have evolved dramatically over the past ten years, and can now offer an array of benefits not just linked to insulation. Icynene aims to make buildings healthier, quieter and more energy efficient hence why programs such as Channel 4’s Grand Designs have taken the move to showcase our product on-line.

To see if Icynene is suitable for your property you can call us on 0800 1700 636 or Book a Free Home Survey.