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WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL WITH...External Insulated Facade Systems?


High energy bills and poor property energy efficiency has led many homeowners in the UK to search for the best ways to better-protect their homes from heat loss.

The market is full of solutions that can prevent heat loss in residential properties, from spray foam insulation for cavity walls to multi-foil insulation for conservatory roofs.

If you live in one of the 7 million properties in England that have a solid wall construction as opposed to a cavity wall construction, then insulating your walls can be a little more difficult. 

There are two solutions to properly insulating exterior solid walls, insulation on the inside and insulation on the outside. External Insulated Façade Systems are a form of external insulation and they’ve become a fairly commonplace addition to many homes in the UK...

What is an External Insulation Façade System?

Many External Insulated Façade Systems take the form of an insulated wall panel that is added to the exterior of a solid wall. These systems can also be attached to cavity walls, where extra insulation may be required.

There is some variation in the types of insulation material that can be used, but often a form of polystrene façade panel is used to provide the insulation. This material is a good insulator but can be prone to water-related problems.

Once the panel has been installed, the system is often completed with one or multiple layers of a render. The render protects the insulation material and the masonry, as well as providing additional insulation against the elements. 

The end result of an External Insulated Façade Systems will resemble the look of a rendered house, although the added depth of the insulation panels may require additional alterations to be made to the exterior of the property.


Further benefits of an External Insulated Façade System includes protection against condensation and damp, improved property appearance and increased longevity of building exteriors

What Are the Benefits of External Insulation Systems?

The main benefit of an External Insulated Façade Systems is the increased protection against the loss of heat. By surrounding a property in an effective thermal protection layer, heat cannot escape as easily, which means that internal rooms will stay warmer for longer.

This also means that the energy efficiency of a property will increase, and as less energy will be required to heat a property, there is also likely to be a decrease in energy bills. 

Further benefits of an External Insulated Façade System includes protection against condensation and damp, improved property appearance and increased longevity of building exteriors. 

If there is no other way of insulating the walls of a property, then an external insulation system is a worthwhile investment – for the protection of a property and for increased heat retention. 

However, the system is not free of potential problems that would need to be addressed if you want to achieve the best energy efficiency and ensure that your property remains in good structural condition.


As well as resistance against water, further benefits like reduced moss and algae growth, discolouration prevention, and breathability, make wall coatings an essential investment to protect external walls

How Can You Enhance Insulation Façade Systems?

While there are multiple methods that can be used to add an External Insulated Façade System to a property, using some of the common materials like polystrene can lead to major moisture problems if the exterior of the render is not properly protected.

With the new system in place, rain will have the ability to infiltrate the render, insulation, and masonry, potentially causing serious damage and rendering the insulation material useless in the process. 

To defend against these problems, a protective coating should be applied to the rendering that will prevent the absorption of water and provide further protection against the elements.

ProPERLA wall coatings from Home Logic are a prime choice for exterior wall protection after an insulation system has been installed, or even instead of an insulation system.

These wall coatings are specially designed to provide hydrophobic properties, which means that water beads up and runs off the wall rather than penetrating it. After the installation of a wall coating, water absorption will be reduced by more than 95%.


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