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When's the Best Time Of Year To Get My House Painted?

best time of year to get my house painted

Big house or small house, detached house or terraced house, no matter where you live, the size of your house, or the layout of the building, painting the exterior is going to be a big project.

The last thing that you want when painting your home is to end up with a bad finish, leaving you with the even bigger task of having to start painting again. Not just time-consuming, but also expensive, having to paint a property twice is something to avoid.

For the best chances of a perfect finish, painting your home at the right time of the year is very important. If like many homeowners in the UK, you find yourself asking ‘when’s the best time of the year to get my house painted?’, then our guide is here to help.

Read on to learn more about the best time of the year to paint the exterior of your property…

Times of the Year to Avoid for Exterior Painting: An Overview

Every paint is a little different and due to this, there are different requirements for when you should paint your home and when you shouldn’t. However, there are two factors that are important to take into consideration for most types of paint: the temperature and the weather.

The Right Temperature for Painting

For the perfect painting temperature, you want to avoid days that are too hot and days that are too cold, as both can influence the quality of the finish that you’re likely to get.

Days that are too hot will mean that you run the risk of the water in the paint evaporating too fast. If this happens, then the pigment in the paint isn’t going to achieve a good enough fuse to stop the paint from cracking.

Days that are too cold can also result in the paint cracking, as it’s not going to develop a good enough film when the temperature is low. Painting on cold days also has a risk of mildew appearing on the paint surface and a risk of the paint staining.

For some quality wall coatings, like those developed by Properla, it’s advised that the coating shouldn’t be applied to surfaces in temperatures that are lower than 5 degrees. 

The Right Weather for Painting

Determining the best time of year to paint in terms of expected weather is a little easier. Ideally, you don’t want to paint on any day where it’s likely to rain during the painting or whilst the paint dries.

It’s also important to make sure that the walls you’re painting are completely dry before you start – a wet wall is a recipe for disaster when painting!

Rainy weather or humid days can increase the drying time of paint and damage the finish if the paint is still very wet when the rain starts.  

best time of year to get my house painted

It’s also important to take into consideration the expected overnight temperature, as if the temperature gets too low overnight, it could affect the finish!

Best Time of the Year to Paint Your Home

To help you achieve the best finish, it’s best to avoid those months of the year when the average temperature is low and the months in the year where there is the most rainfall. 

Normally, you’ll find that summer and early autumn are the best times to paint, with spring and winter being seasons to avoid. Whilst it’s possible to paint in spring and winter, there is a higher risk that the finish won’t turn out as hoped.

Choosing the right time to paint will save you time and potentially a lot of money, especially if you’re using a high-quality wall coating that’s designed to look good and protect your home. For the guarantee of a great finish, it may be worth calling in the experts.

Properla Wall Coatings from Home Logic: Year Round Property Protection

At Home Logic, we have substantial experience tackling the elements whilst installing some of the best exterior wall coatings on the market. 

Our wall coating of choice, Properla, can deliver some outstanding benefits to your home and with our experts taking care of the application, you’re guaranteed an outstanding finish.

If you would like to learn more about the Home Logic exterior wall coating service or more about Properla masonry paint, then don’t hesitate to call the team at Home Logic today. Simply dial 0800 1700 636, or click the button below-our team will be in touch in a jiffy!