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Where Can I Buy Properla Paint?


The amazing proPERLA® insulation crème, or paint as it is otherwise known, is a type of external wall insulation, that has been developed with the latest product technology.

This cream creates an invisible insulation barrier that penetrates your brickwork, up to 17mm deep into the substrate.

This protects your masonry from rainwater and heat loss for up to 20 years! Think of all those energy savings across two whole decades.

With all of this in mind, we are not surprised you may be asking yourself – where can I buy proPERLA paint?

Effective and Proven Performance

ProPERLA® insulation paint has been tested and certified to industry standards – such as EN ISO 15148:2002. This means it can guarantee the level of results it promises to provide.

When applied to your masonry, it may look like a creamy, white substance, very similar to white paint.

Once dried, the material will soak into your brickwork, and become an invisible insulation barrier against water absorption and climatic conditions.

This product is known to reduce water absorption by more than 95%, providing hygrothermal performance on concrete, brick, mortar and sandstone.

Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridging is the process by which heat travels from the inside of your home, to the outside of your home, via the walls and other structural features.

It occurs more often in solid wall structures when compared to cavity walls, which contain a gap of air between two shells of brickwork.

Heat does not travel over dry air as quickly as it does through a solid brick surface. But even cavity walls can become vulnerable to heat loss if there is moisture within the cavity wall itself.

Tests have proven that damp content of just 5% can lower insulation quality by up to 50%.

If the pores of your brickwork are allowed to collect moisture, whether it’s a solid wall or cavity wall, more heat will be allowed to transfer outside.

Even if you have cavity wall insulation in place, the materials used will be much less effective if left vulnerable to moisture. This is why proPERLA is such a wise investment for your property.


Highlights and Primary Features

-Keeps your masonry nice and dry

-Reduces heat loss through your external walls

-Provides extra protection to cavity wall insulation

-Reduces energy bills

-Self-cleaning surface efficiency

-Maintain the original exterior image

-Allows your building to breathe with natural ventilation

-Enjoy the benefits for up to 20 years


Where Can I Buy Properla Paint?

Where can I buy proPERLA paint? Right here at LogicFoam! Our specialist team of external wall insulation experts swear by this product, and can’t recommend it highly enough.

We’ve many years of experience between us in the insulation management industry, and we’ve used our fair share of different products in the past.

The reason why we love this one so much is because it’s so incredibly efficient, without causing any complications, problems or disruption to your normal living environment.

You get all of the cost-saving, insulating benefits, without having to lift a finger, or worry about the integrity of your building’s structure.

Book a free site survey today and see how LogicFoam Wall Insulation and proPERLA cream can help you save more energy at home.

Contact us

Alternatively, if you’d like some more information, you can give us a call directly on 0800 1700 636. One of our customer representatives will be more than happy to assist with your query, or provide some simple advice on your insulation needs.

You can also reach us on our email address – [email protected] – we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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