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Where To Buy Office Plants: The Definitive Guide

where to buy office plants

Look around your workplace. Is there any greenery, anywhere at all? If you work in a city, there’s a good chance that all you can see outside are more buildings, cars and roads with no hint of green whatsoever.

The addition of plants into the office could make the space more attractive, and actually improve how you feel about coming to work.

Some workplaces may feel concern that if they buy office plants they will be neglected and die, but there are so many options and many companies who will take over the care of your plants, and ensure you get the good looks and the health benefits without any effort at all, as the following article reveals…

Office Plants Offer Health Benefits

In recent years, it has been found that employees who work in offices actually benefit from having plants in their environment. A study carried out by Exeter University in 2014 found that employees were 15% more productive when their workplace was filled with just a few houseplants.

It was thought that the plants encouraged people to actively engage with each other.

The study questioned why offices tended to be minimalist and trendy spaces without any nature at all. Huge amounts of money was spent on ergonomic chairs and standing desks, while the simplest of things, such as some greenery was ignored.

It was found that one plant per square metre would result in better employee memory retention and general improvements in welfare and happiness.

The reasons for this are both physical and psychological. The plants could make people feel like they are outdoors, enjoying the environment even through they are stuck inside – thus making them feel more positive. But also plants clean the air around them and in an office that is important.

Air conditioning can spread germs and bugs around offices quickly, and can smell stale and unpleasant. Plants will reduce this form of office pollution, offering oxygen that is good for the brain and the body.

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where to buy office plants

Buying Office Plants: How To Choose

So, by now you should be convinced that buying or hiring plants for your office is a great idea. But where to find them?

One of the easiest ways to introduce plants into the office that will not eventually become an eyesore is to hire them. There are a number of companies that provide a weekly or monthly service of plant care and replacement.

For spaces where the looks of the plant is important this can mean replacing orchids or other flowering plants regularly to ensure they maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Or it could mean repotting overgrown plants, trimming them to maintain the shape or taking away dying plants a replacing them with lush green specimens that look healthy.

These companies will also provide living displays such as plant walls, living Christmas trees and even kitchen herbs to add interest and appeal to the office space.

Of course you can also choose to buy a range of office plants yourself that are easy to care for and require little maintenance. In offices you may also need plants that can survive under low light conditions, and ones that don’t mind artificial light.

These can be found in a variety of locations, but garden centres and supermarkets can provide a reasonable variety. A specialist plant centre will be able to give the right advice on the best options for your particular environment.

Try to choose plants that have large leaves so you get the most benefit from their ability to filter the air.

You can also easily find suitable plants online. These can be ordered and delivered in pots, ready to be placed directly on desks. This makes the choice of plants simple to select, and is often a cheaper way to get the plants you need without having to be an expert in varieties.

You may however, want to do some research on the best types of plants for your office space before you commit.

Aim to add around one plant for each square metre. Or maybe one small plant on every person’s desk. They can then be responsible for its care, making it an easy task to maintain all of the plants. If you don’t have the space for this, you can choose larger plants and trees that give benefits across a wider area.

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where to buy office plants

Looking After Your Office Plants: Why Maintenance Matters

If you have opted for the D.I.Y version for your office, you need to have a good routine of maintenance and care in place to ensure your investment doesn’t wilt and die after a few short weeks.

You could ask staff members to care for the plants that are near them, but it is always better to have someone in charge of the process to ensure the plants get the care they need. The following should be kept in mind:

● Plants should not be watered too often; however, the air conditioned environment of an office may mean that they dry out more quickly than other house plants. Water regularly, but only when the soil is dry to the touch. Don’t allow the plant to sit in a drip tray that is full of water.
● Misting the plant with a spray bottle is also a good idea. This gives the leaves a chance to absorb some water, while also giving them a clean at the same time.
● Wiping down the leaves regularly will ensure they are absorbing as much CO2 as possible, while still looking respectable and not dirty.
● Office plants need to be kept in good shape, so they don’t encroach on the working space. This means that a trim every now and then can be a great idea. Large freestanding trees and ornamental plants will especially need pruning to maintain their shape.
● Choose office plants that offer colour as well as greenery. Flowering plants are great idea, and will add to the sense of wellbeing in your workplace.
● If you want your office to look attractive, you can choose all kinds of display options for your office plants. These range from freestanding pots of all sizes, pots that are fixed to walls, and even window boxes so the view outside is as good as that inside.
● Make sure your staff understand the benefits of workplace plants, and that they treat them with respect. Pouring your unwanted coffee into the soil of your desk plant will not do it any good at all!

Office plants are easy to find and can transform the way your office looks and the way your employees feel. There is no reason why you can’t start that transformation as early as today by bringing in a few plants to brighten up the office and a few tired workers.

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