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Why Do My House Windows Fog Up?

why do my house windows fog up

Noticing fog on your windows can be incredibly troubling, especially when that fog starts to cause problems like damp and mould. Everyone wants to live in a warm and comfortable home, which fogged windows definitely don’t help create.

If you find yourself asking, why do my house windows fog up?. then you certainly aren’t alone in the UK. However, it is a problem that you need to address. There are serious health concerns with mould in the home, so catching condensation quickly is not just a benefit to your property, but also to your family’s health.

There are a number of solutions to defogging a window, but it all starts with your home environment, and how it is being controlled. To get a better understanding of how your property environment is causing condensation, you need to look at the different types of window fog: interior and exterior.

Interior Window Fog

The answer all centres around the temperature of your windows and the level of moisture in the air. Condensation can form when warm air hits a cold surface, like when the warm air in your home interacts with your cold windows.

When there are significant levels of moisture in the air, then the condensation is going to be much more prominent.

Exterior Window Fog

The fog that forms on exterior windows is due to a similar reason- it involves the dew point. When the dew point is higher than the temperature of the windows, condensation can form.

This is something that can’t really be controlled, unlike the issue with condensation on the interior of a window.

What Can I Do to Stop Window Fog?

Thankfully, there are a number of solutions to combat fog on interior windows – many of which are quite simple. Generally, it involves a two-step process; controlling the humidity in your home and controlling the temperature.

A home that is warmer and less damp, is one where condensation is less likely to form.

If the moisture level is very high, then a dehumidifier can definitely help.

To control the temperature, you need to make sure that your windows don’t get too cold. This is easier said than done in some cases, especially with rising energy bills across the UK.

A well-insulated home, that is protected against draughts, will help you to retain more heat, and subsequently, save you money on your heating bills.

why do my house windows fog up

To control the humidity, you need to make sure that there is as little excess moisture in the air as possible. In places like the kitchen and bathroom, where the humidity is generally high, this means making sure that there is adequate ventilation, allowing the air to properly circulate

Could Triple Glazing Be The Answer?

Triple-glazing is a relatively new introduction to the UK market, but one that many homeowners are seeing the long-term benefit of installing. Unlike double-glazing, triple-glazing is better equipped to handle problems with condensation, and keep your home warmer overall.

One of the main purposes of triple-glazing is to feed heat back into your home, instead of letting it escape through the glass. The internal pane of glass in triple-glazing is largely to thank for this. The pane stays much warmer, which reduces the problem of warm air hitting cold glass and causing condensation.

With an extra vacuum layer inside the window, and the addition of low-e glass, your home is going to stay warmer, condensation will be reduced, and mould becomes less of a problem.

Triple-glazing also comes with additional benefits to the home environment. It is easier to maintain, incredibly secure, and reduces noise infiltration. If you’re considering upgrading your windows to better suit you family’s needs, then triple-glazing is a prime choice to plump for.

Home Logic – Offering Innovative Solutions for Every Home

At Home Logic, we know how important it is to create a home environment that is safe, warm, and comfortable – a place that your whole family can enjoy.

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Our triple-glazing units are built to stand-up against the harsh UK weather, keeping homes warmer, and far more safe and secure.

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