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Spray Foam Insulation

Why Is Floor Insulation R Value Important?

floor insulation r value

Having floor insulation installed in the home can benefit you in many ways. It is a great way of creating a more comfortable living environment, as it will insulate the floor to keep it warm and cosier. In addition, it will help you to save money by reducing the amount you have to spend on your energy bills.

There are various factors that you have to consider when choosing the right insulation and one of these is the floor insulation r value.

So, what is the floor insulation r value? Well, basically this determines the resistance of the insulation to the flow of heat. This in turn determines just how effective the insulation will be.

In short, the higher the floor insulation r value the better the insulation will be. This is why it is such an important consideration, particularly given that around 10 percent of heat loss in the average home is through the floor.

How floor insulation r value can help you make savings

So, how can looking at the floor insulation r value help you to make savings? Well, by choosing insulation with a higher r value you can keep your home warmer far more easily and stop heat from escaping through the ground floor.

You may want to consider insulation batts rather than going for blanket insulation, as these tend to have a higher floor insulation r value. So, let’s take a look at the key benefits when it comes to saving you money:

  1. Reduction in the escape of heat: With average houses losing around 10 percent of heat through the floor, looking for a high floor insulation r value can help to stop this wasted heat. This not only benefits you and enables you to enjoy a more comfortable living environment but it also helps the environment because you won’t have to use as much energy in order to keep your home warm.
  2. Saving money on your energy bills: Of course, the other key benefit to having insulation with a higher r value is that you will save money on your energy bills. You won’t have to have the heating on as much in order to keep your home warm, which means that you use fewer units of energy and should see a drop in the amount you pay. In fact, with the savings you make through having this floor insulation you could recoup the cost of having the work carried out within a couple of years or so. With energy giants regularly increasing prices, this is a huge benefit.
  3. Adding to the value of your home: Having floor insulation could also help to improve the value of your home, which is another way in which you can help to recoup the cost of the work carried out. In addition, you can improve the Energy Performance Rating of the home, which in turn can help to make it more saleable if you decide to sell in the future. In the meantime, until you do sell you can enjoy the warmth, comfort, and energy savings benefits that this insulation is able to provide.

While there are different types of floor insulation available, making sure you are familiar with the r value is a great way of ensuring you make the right choice.

You do need to also consider the type of flooring you have when choosing your floor insulation – for example, your decision will be partly based on whether you have a suspended floor, a solid floor, or a tiled floor.

floor insulation r value

While there are different types of floor insulation available, making sure you are familiar with the r value is a great way of ensuring you make the right choice!

Getting your insulation properly installed!

One thing you do have to bear in mind is the importance of having your insulation properly installed. No matter how high the floor insulation r rating, if it is not properly installed you won’t get all of these benefits.

You should therefore find a reputable company to supply and install your floor insulation. They will also be able to advise on the r value that is recommended for your specific type of flooring.

Make sure you check reviews of the company before you make any commitment, as this will help to ensure you choose a reputable provider with plenty of experience when it comes to the installation of floor insulation.

You can then look forward to the increased comfort and the money-saving benefits that having this type of insulation can provide. Result!

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