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Why Is My Bungalow So Cold? 5 Fast Fixes To Reclaim Your Comfort

why is my bungalow so cold

Bungalows are lovely. Quaint, comfortable and convenient, as well as being ideal for those with less mobility, who don’t want to have to keep traipsing up and down stairs.

Unfortunately, this convenience comes with a cost, and that cost is taking up more space in a country convinced that we are running out of it.

Compared to 1996, when 7% of all newly built homes were bungalows, the proportion of bungalows being built in the UK is decreasing. This means something important: a lot of bungalows are old.

Old properties struggle to keep the heat in, often because they are open, airy and aren’t built to stop cold gushes of air blowing through.

Fortunately, even the oldest property can be easily and cheaply tightened up a bit and not only will it make those long Winter nights a more pleasant proposition; it will also save you money more quickly than you might initially imagine.

With the above in mind, here’s 5 fast fixes you can make to reclaim your comfort, without compromising on cost in the process:

Fast Fix No.1: Upgrade Your Windows And Doors

No property would be complete (or even vaguely functional) without windows and doors. However, when it comes to leaking heat, these portals can be some of the worst offenders.

In fact, about 25% of the heat that your house loses can be lost through windows and draughts. However, the first step may not be to replace the windows.

It is estimated that you could save around £50 a year with the very best windows, and prices per window are usually in the hundreds. This means you can fork out thousands, and it could be a while before you get the money back in heating bills.

Double glazing isn’t a bad idea, but it’s not something to rush into without taking the time to ensure your chosen contractor is credible.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, you could spend trivial amounts of money on draught exclusion, throw the odd rug around, attach a draught excluder to the bottom of your front door, and saving nearly £25 a year on your bill, and keeping your bungalow nice and warm at the same time.

Your overall budget will determine which option would be best for your home.

Fast Fix No.2:  Rectify Any Inefficiencies

You can spend all of the money you like on running hot water into radiators and through your house, but if this heat is going to the wrong place, you’re not going to see much bang for your buck.

It’s best not to hide your radiators behind a sofa or have your radiator right next to the open window. This might seem obvious, but inefficiencies are not. Leaking duct/pipe work throughout the house can also cause a problem.

Often, struggling to heat the home can be a result of maintenance missed, and if any of the pipes if your home are losing heat between rooms, you’re going to be paying more money that you’d like to be heating the space between your walls.

why is my bungalow so cold

Not only will you get more value for money by investing in a timer and a heating plan, but the house will actually be warmer because it will be being heated when you’re actually using the rooms in question!

Fast Fix No.3: Invest In A Timer And Heating Plan

Older properties were more commonly built to be heated one room at a time, rather than modern houses, which are heated all at once.

It may be worth taking some time to think about which rooms you use at what time, and at what times the house is unoccupied.

Not only will you get more value for money by investing in a timer and a heating plan, but the house will actually be warmer because it will be being heated when you’re actually using the rooms in question.

Fast Fix No.4: Reconsider The Traditional Fire Place

Sitting around the fire can be a great family pastime. It gives a certain rustic feel that adds to the overall cosiness, making the whole space feel warm and welcoming.

However, long gone are the days in starting an actual fire in your living room is the cutting edge of home-comfort technology.

Many families find other excuses to socialise, and a beautiful, traditional fireplace necessarily means a traditional chimney and a massive great hole in your house.

If you find that the fire place is more of an aesthetic than a commodity, it might be time to consider blocking it up. Of course, if the fire place is the centre of family life, then there is no sense parting with it, and there are many other ways that you can insulate your fire grid to help keep the heat in.

Fast Fix No.5: Improve Your Existing Insulation

Whilst all of these methods will start to make a dent in your energy bill and hopefully bring back a bit more of that all too elusive sense of comfort, they may not change your life overnight.

It is estimated that 25% of the heat in most uninsulated homes is lost through the roof, and a staggering 35% of lost heat escapes through the walls. This means that without adequate insulation, you’re not going to be tackling 60% of the heat lost from the bungalow.

Most people find it easier to start with roof insulation, using items such as roll insulation to make a small difference to this, before worrying about what goes in the walls-and with good reason.

Seeking further expert advice to help you bungalow feel brilliantly balmy? Take back control of your comfort today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!