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Why Spray Foam?

Substantial savings, rapidly recouped costs, impressively increased resale value-and that’s just for starters! We take a look at the manifold merits of insulating with Home Logic Spray Foam, and explore how this multi-purpose miracle can assist you in your energy-efficient endeavours.

Failproof Financial Investment Why Spray Foam

Failproof Financial Investment

-Reduces Energy Usage

Home Logic Spray Foam is a failproof financial investment. After installation, it can reduce overall energy usage by up to 50%, thanks to its brilliant barrier qualities.

Reduced energy usage equals reduced household bills and expenditure. That’s one energy-efficient equation we’re proud to be part of.

-Rapidly Recoups Cost

After installation, homeowners can quickly recoup costs in as little as 3-4 years, due to the optimal performance levels achieved by Home Logic Spray Foam.

-Better Payback and Resale Value

An energy-efficient home is more attractive to prospective buyers. Home Logic Spray Foam improves the EPC rating of your property, increasing the resale value of your home immeasurably.

Healthier Home Environment

-Alleviates Allergies

For those with existing allergies, airborne pollutants can be painfully problematic. Breathing conditions, such as asthma, are exacerbated but poor quality air, with dust and pollution causing considerable concern.

Seal your home with spray foam and block out airborne pollutants: it really is that simple!

-Combats Cold, Increases Comfort

Draughts aren’t only dastardly to your finances; they also compromise comfort levels as well. Home Logic Spray Foam sufficiently seals all gaps and cracks, eliminating cold spots, and creating cosy and comfortable conditions, with ambient temperatures to match.

Healthier Home Environment Why Spray Foam

-Minimises Moisture

Our wet and windy climate may offer nice weather for ducks, but in terms of your home environment it leaves a lot to be desired. Even the most minimal amount of moisture can lead to mould growth, with your roof space taking the brunt of the burden. Thankfully, Home Logic Spray Foam gives mould and moisture their marching orders, allowing your building to breathe a sigh of relief.

Long Term Property Protection Why Spray Foam

Long-term Property Protection

-Extended Roof Life

It may not be something you consider every day, but needing repairs to your existing roof can be both costly and disruptive.

Home Logic Spray Foam is the ultimate roof restoration product, ensuring the structural integrity of your roof space for many years to come.

-25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

All spray foam installations come with a 25-year warranty for additional peace of mind. We’ve also achieved an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, with a continuous commitment to professionalism before, during and after installation.

-Stands the Test of Time

One of the biggest benefits of Home Logic Spray Foam is that it performs for the life of the building. Compare this to traditional insulation materials which sag and settle over time rendering them alarmingly ineffective; there really is no contest!

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