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Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home?

Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home

One common misconception among homeowners is that spray foam insulation damages the roof of their home. This widespread myth is due to the fact that in previous instances, a roof gap wasn't left, affecting the overall breathability of the roof-leading to all manner of problems.

The importance of adequate ventilation should not be undermined; without sufficient venting, moisture quickly accumulates, with no means to evaporate. The result? Widespread damp inside, and associated problems with mould-issues which can be considerably costly to fix if left unaddressed long-term.

Moreover, without adequate air flow, stale air is unable to escape, thereby compromising the air quality within-not great news if you suffer from a breathing condition, such as asthma, where the slightest hint of airborne allergens can cause symptoms to quickly flare up.

Needless to say, the success of the installation is all down to the contractor themselves; a licensed installer will be well aware that they need to leave a ventilated gap between the roof tiles, and the layer of foam itself.

By taking this action, built up moisture is encouraged to exit the roofspace before it has a chance to collect. Consequently, the structural integrity of your roof rafters remains fully intact, refreshingly free of wood rot (and the need for a full roof replacement.)

Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home

With spray foam roof insulation, you can transform an unused attic space into a fully habitable room-all in less than a day!

What Does Roof Insulation Offer My Home?

Of course, it's very easy to focus on one misapprehension to the exclusion of all else-namely the benefits that a product provides.

In the case of Home Logic, such advantages run the whole gamut from offering additional support to the roof structure, to helping you turn a much maligned attic space into a fully habitable room.

The simplicity of the application itself also makes it particularly favourable for property owners who are pressed for time; in the majority of cases, spray foam roof insulation is installed in less than a day, during which your installer will advise you and your family to evacuate the premises to give the product the necessary time to 'cure.'

After this period, your home will be completely safe for reoccupancy, the only difference being the noticeable improvement to your level of comfort as you step inside. 

During Summer, roof spaces can become stiflingly hot and stuffy-not ideal if you're keen to use the space for more than storage. In this respect, spray foam roof insulation really does come into its own, tackling temperature fluctuations head on to create more ambient conditions inside. 

Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 25% of heat escapes through the roof-making it a priority area to insulate

Can It Keep My Roof Space Warm In Winter As Well?

Absolutely! In fact, considering that most heat in a house escapes through the roof, this should always be the priority area to insulate.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, in an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat escapes through the roof-rendering all your hardearned heating efforts futile; a major bugbear if you're keen to cut costs (and who isn't in this era of persistent, energy price hikes?!)

So how does it work its magic? 

On application, Home Logic expands up to 100 times its original size, creating an impressively airtight barrier to virtually eliminate all leaks. This solves two problems simultaneously: firstly, it prevents draughts from infiltrating the inside space (and driving down the internal temperature.)

Secondly, it protects your roof space from moisture penetration, ensuring the area in your loft remains dry, and, subsequently, far more conducive to comfort.

Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home

Spray foam not only saves you substantial money on your energy bills-it can also make you some money as well!

What About Energy Costs? Will It Help Me To Drive Down My Bills?

The answer to this one's a resounding yes! In fact, in addition to saving you money on your annual energy costs, it could make you some money as well! Wondering how? Let us explain...

In the UK, all domestic and commercial buildings are required by law to produce an EPC Certificate before they can be put up on the market for sale. EPC Ratings range from A (very efficient), to G (very inefficient.) The rating is based on the performance of the heating systems in your home, and, consequently, how costly they are to run.

By using Home Logic spray foam in your roof space, you're insulating an area that exhibits the greatest concentration of air leakage hotspots; namely because the relative inaccessibility of the roof space makes it difficult to deploy to D.I.Y measures, such as caulking, to fix it.

As a result of having Home Logic installed, your reliance on heating and cooling appliances will be greatly reduced, with systems inefficiencies ironed out from the get go-and your EPC rating improved.

It's no secret that properties with a higher EPC rating are more attractive to prospective buyers. Needless to say, the greater the demand, the higher the resale value overall. By insulating your roof space with spray foam (and increasing your EPC), you can capitalise on the additional gains when you sell your property at a later date.

Will Spray Foam Damage My Roof And Ruin My Home

With BBA accredited spray foam installers, you can ensure that your roof is enhanced, rather than ruined-result!

Could Spray Foam Ruin My Roof?

Many of our customers come to us with questions similar to the one above-and it's always a pleasure to put their fears to rest by sorting the facts from the fiction.

Your roof will only be at risk from spray foam if it is improperly installed by an amateur. Yes, there are D.I.Y spray foam kits on the market, but it cannot be stressed enough that spray foam installation is a specialist job, requiring years of prior expertise to ensure its success.

One of the primary difficulties of the D.I.Y route is that without previous training of the product, it's all too easy to spray the foam in the incorrect amounts. 

This not only compromises it's long-term efficacy; it can also emit unpleasant odours if improperly installed-a process referred to in the industry as 'off-gassing.'

Another telltale sign of a botched spray foam attempt is if the Home Logic exhibits a 'blistered' appearance. This often occurs when D.I.Y spray foam attempts are made around electrical fixtures and fittings; a job which requires a good deal of manual dexterity to do well.

Moral of the story? Get it right the first time by enlisting the help of BBA accredited installers. They'll know the product like the back of their hand, its innate capabilities, the thicknesses required for different applications, ensuring that your roof is enhanced, rather than ruined. Sorted!

Need further advice on how to insulate your roof for the long-term-without compromising your budget? Our free roof survey service helps determine your property's suitability for spray foam. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to get started today!

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