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Window Styles for Older Homes: What Are My Options?


window styles for older homes

Searching for the perfect windows for an older home can be incredibly difficult; you want to retain those wonderful character features but benefit from a modern system that can really transform your home. So, where to start?

When selecting window styles for older homes, there are a few extra issues that need to be addressed. This can make the process a little more troublesome than selecting a window for a new property.

The windows need to meet the regulations for building and planning permission, they need to work with your home, and they need to be energy-efficient as well.

The windows of a home can either enhance the architecture and define what it is that makes a property so special, or really take away from the unique charm of owning an older home.

Installing a modern system can be risky; the benefits are plentiful, but not every design or style is going to work with your home.

With the above in mind, here’s 4 options for upgrading windows on a period property, without compromising their rustic charm…

window styles for older homes

With double hung windows, you can have a system that works for your home, whether you want your windows to open upwards, downwards-or even both ways at once!

Your Top 4 Options for the Best New Window Style

Thankfully, there are many window styles for older homes that bring those essential benefits of low maintenance, energy-efficiency, and durability, without compromising the unique beauty of a period property. Here are our top 4 choices for window styles for older homes:

1)      Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is a classic option, which means that it can be perfect to enhance the classic charm of an older property.

You can have a system that works for your home, whether you want your windows to open upwards, downwards, or choose both for complete control.

2)      Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a very modern choice, combining superb ventilation with increased security.

While this may not seem like the obvious choice as one of the top window styles for older homes, a tilt and turn window can add a touch of modern convenience and elegance that can really offset the character features of a property.

window styles for older homes

Beautiful bay windows could really revitalise your older homes, bringing more light and fresh air into your rooms-whilst creating a focal feature in the process

3)      Casement Windows

Choosing a casement window is almost always a guaranteed winner. One of the most desirable window styles for older homes and newer homes alike.

The classic style mixed with modern technology means that not only will your home stay warmer, whilst reducing your heating bills, but you won’t have to compromise on style.

4)      Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and bay windows could really revitalise your older home, bringing more light and fresh air into your rooms, and creating a brand-new property feature.

While bow and bay windows are not going to be the perfect choice for every property, if you can get the design right to reap the full benefits of bow and bay windows, it can be one of the most stunning window styles for older homes.

window styles for older homes

Wood effect UPVC offers all the charm of traditional wood-but is far easier to adequately maintain. It also offers exceptional weatherproofing properties as well

Wood Effect UPVC: Where Form Matches Functionality

Although undeniably charming, wood is not the most practical option for windows, as it's time-consuming to properly maintain.

Warping and wood rot are pretty much par for the course, meaning that you'll need to seal the frames on a regular basis-a process which involves sanding, varnishing, and applying a new stain to the wood.

As weather compromises the framework, efficiency is greatly reduced, leaving noticeable gaps where warm air can escape from. Bad news for your windows, and bad news for your bills as well.

But what if there was a way of achieving the aesthetics of wood, with the functionality of UPVC?

Actually, there is-and it's proving particularly popular among homeowners of period properties, where blending in with the existing backdrop is often a mandatory requirement.

Wood effect UPVC offers all the charm of traditional wood-but is far easier to adequately maintain. 

It also offers exceptional weatherproofing properties as well; a must in our rainy country where weather dictates our everyday life-and foils many of our best laid plans whilst it's at it!

Still not convinced? Here's a few additional advantages of opting for wood-effect UPVC:

window styles for older homes

From meeting the very latest energy efficiency regulations, to offering additional security, wood effect UPVC is a highly versatile material-and surprisingly affordable as well!

Benefit No.1: It Meets The Latest Building Regs

Unlike wooden windows, which are persistently poor performers, wood effect UPVC windows meet the very latest energy efficiency regulations.

As a result, your home will feel noticeably warmer, with dastardly draughts firmly dispelled!

Benefit No.2: It's Suitable For Conservation Areas

If your property is listed, or situated in a conservation area (and older homes generally are), strict stipulations are often in place with regards to permitted developments.

In these instances, the great thing about wood effect UPVC is that it is regularly approved for use, due to its highly authentic finish.

Benefit No.3: It Offers Additional Security

Traditional, wooden windows aren't just time-consuming to maintain-they also prove far less secure if suffering from weather related damage.

In contrast, wood effect UPVC windows are resistant to inclement weather, and come complete with high security Yale locking systems as standard for additional peace of mind.

Benefit No.4: It's A Delightfully Durable Material

As a material, wood effect UPVC is delightfully durable-in fact, it can last for a good 25 years or so if installed by a professional contractor.

This enhanced longevity makes it a very worthwhile investment, saving you the cost and hassle of regular replacement.

window styles for older homes

In addition to its energy saving benefits, triple glazing offers a reduction in sound penetration-with the extra layer of glass also making your home far more secure!

Triple-Glazing – The Best Accompaniment to Any Classic Window System

Selecting from the wonderful window styles for older homes, is only one part of the process of replacing your windows – the next part is to pick your glazing type.

The right glazing will provide year-round comfort, warmth, and noise reduction. The wrong glazing could turn your new dream windows into more of a nightmare.

Today, the two main choices are between double and triple-glazing, with single glazing no longer being advised. Triple-glazing brings to the table improved thermal performance, meaning that less heat is going to be lost through your windows.

The benefits of energy-efficient windows can be felt throughout the home, and is one of the most worthwhile investments into the future of your property.

Triple-glazing offers a reduction in sound penetration, with the extra layer also making your home more secure. If you’re considering a modern system for a traditional home, then it is certainly worth considering modern glazing to really give your home that extra layer of insulation.

Combine Classic Charm and Modern Performance with Home Logic

At Home Logic, we have worked with homeowners all over the UK, delivering modern solutions to new builds and classic homes alike. We know how difficult it can be to tailor a modern home improvement to traditional character charm – that’s why we’re here to help!

By using the highest quality materials, from frame to glazing, we can help you get that peace of mind over the quality of your new windows, no matter which style you choose. Sorted!

Ready to take the next step? Talk to our team of glazing experts today by calling 0800 1700 636, or, alternatively, by simply clicking the button below!

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