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Wood vs PVC Window Frames: Which Is Best?

wood vs pvc window frames

We all want the best for our homes, from the type of flooring that we pick to the quality of our roofing materials.

When you have worked so hard to purchase your own home it’s understandable that nothing less than the best product will be good enough. So, how do you go about getting the best window frames?

On the quest to find the right home improvements for your property, your windows will eventually be top of the list. When this time comes, you’re likely going to have to face the question of which product to choose, wood vs PVC window frames.

The debate between wood and PVCis a big one. Some homeowners are firmly on the side of the classical wooden window frame, whilst others have shifted towards the modern convenience of a PVC window frame. Both have their advantages of course, but also their disadvantages.

To give you a helping hand, and a better picture of what’s available, we have compared many of the main aspects of wood and PVC frames, and what makes each type of window frame a popular choice. Let’s begin!

What Can a Wooden Window Frame Offer My Home?

There’s no denying that wooden window frames have that classical charm. They are versatile, beautiful, and a great addition to many property types.

However, they’re the ‘classic’ choice for a reason, and, for many homeowners, they simply aren’t worth the ongoing maintenance required to keep them looking good.

Wooden window frames can be made out of softwood or hardwood, with oak being a very popular option. There are also different styles of wooden window frame available, from sash wooden window frames to tilt and turn frames.

Take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of wooden frames in the wood versus PVC debate:


  • Classical appearance
  • Diverse range of styles and types
  • Easy to customise
  • Good longevity for high-quality frames
  • Disadvantages

    • Prone damage like swelling and warping
    • Problems with rot and mould
    • High level of maintenance, including the requirement to repaint
    • Susceptible to insect damage
    • One of the most expensive options
    • Less choice for more advanced designs and security systems

wood vs pvc window frames

Are Modern PVC Window Frames the Best Choice for My Home?

PVC windows have been widely adopted all over the UK, with many residents being swayed by the ability to get a system that requires significantly less maintenance, is easily customisable, and is incredibly strong.

However, this hasn’t always been the case, and PVC gained a bit of a bad reputation in the early days for not being overly customisable.

These days, modern PVC is a wonder-product, used in a vast range of high-security and durable products, like composite doors, and, of course, modern window systems. The systems can be customised in almost every way imaginable, with designs that can even replicate the look of wooden frames.

Take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of PVC frames in the wood vs PVC window frames, debate:


  • Strong and incredibly durable
  • Extensive range of styles and designs
  • Not very expensive
  • Advanced with multiple options for security measures
  • Very appealing when the right design is selected
  • Low maintenance


  • Could need planning permission if installed in a conservation area
  • Potential of an unappealing style if the wrong frame is selected
  • Often requires internal metal reinforcement

wood vs pvc window frames

Triple-glazing is also a benefit that wooden windows and PVC windows can share, with both types of frames easily being enhanced with triple-glazing

What About Selecting the Right Glazing for My Windows?

The question over which is best partially comes down to preference, but is also down to issues concerning security and practicality.

In many ways, PVC windows win hands-down with their strength, low maintenance demands, and technology, but wooden windows still hold that unique charm that brings a special benefit to some properties.

However, it’s not just the frame that makes a window, but also the glazing – something that is arguably more important in the great scheme of energy-efficient, durable, and high-performance windows. Without the right glazing, your window is never going to live up to its potential.

These days, the height of window glazing technology is triple-glazing, a product that is taking the UK by storm after its’ success in colder countries.

Triple-glazing goes above and beyond double-glazing, offering a high performance, enhanced thermal efficiency, and strong design.

By investing in triple-glazing, you’re investing in a window system that is designed to resist those chilly UK winters, keep your home warmer, and save you money on your energy bills. On top of that, triple-glazing is low maintenance, reduces noise infiltration, and is incredibly secure.

Get the Perfect Look for Your New Windows with Home Logic

Getting the best windows for your home is all about getting the right balance between aesthetics and performance.

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