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SOLVED: Are Conservatories A Waste Of Money?

are conservatories a waste of money

The time when a conservatory could be considered a modern addition to a home is long gone, raising the question for many homeowners of, are conservatories a waste of money?

A big question for those looking at home improvements to increase the value of their property, but also for those that just want the extra space to truly enjoy what their home has to offer.

Here’s the essential lowdown on the cost-effectiveness of conservatories, and how to make this additional space work for you-regardless of the weather outside…

A Brief History Of The Conservatory…

Conservatories have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years, but only started to become a popular addition to UK houses in the 1980’s, when affordable uPVC panelling became accessible.

At that time, if the question was raised over, are conservatories a waste of money, the answer would likely have been a flat no. However, asking the question today brings forth a mixed reaction; for some, the British love affair with conservatories is over, but for others, it is only just beginning.

Yet whilst the concept of a conservatory is not a modern one, today’s conservatories are anything but traditional.

As technology has progressed, so to has the style, design, and construction of conservatories; even down to the insulation materials used to equip UK conservatories to deal with temperamental temperature fluctuations.

Over the years, conservatories have evolved, moving away from their modest commercial roots, to offer something truly special to homeowners. The evolution has brought about an entirely modern list of benefits, and given new life to those benefits that have come hand in hand with conservatories since the 1980’s.

Money Well Spent – The Benefits Of A Conservatory

Before making a decision over, are conservatories a waste of money, it’s worth looking at the extensive list of benefits.

The following list offers an overview of the advantages of investing in this enviable extension to your home…

The Luxury Of Additional Space:

 A benefit that is even more important today than it was in the 1980’s, conservatories offer an affordable way to increase the floor space in a property.

Whether you opt for a small and compact conservatory, or a large statement conservatory, the extra space is invaluable for growing families, and ensuring a relaxed retirement.

An Aesthetically Impressive Fashion Statement:

It may seem unusual to class conservatories as a fashion statement, with their prime seemingly in the past, but with so many unique new uses for the room, they are becoming just that.

There is no reason why a conservatory can’t be the most fashionable room in your home; after all, the views alone will be enough to make it stand out.

are conservatories a waste of money

Conservatories may not be the latest modern trend in home improvements, but they are arguably even more special now than they ever have been before, thanks to conservatory roof insulation!

Investing In A Conservatory: Additional Benefits To Consider

Increased House Value:

Despite the mixed opinions over whether conservatories are a waste of money, they are still one of the best ways to add value to a property. Potential buyers value the additional space where they can relax and take in the gardens around a property.

In fact, they are so popular that Zoopla estimates that a conservatory can add up to 15% more value onto your home.

Creates Bright And Airy Conditions:

The atmosphere that can be created in a conservatory is unparalleled. Flooded with natural light, and with plenty of fresh air, conservatories offer something that no other room in a home can provide.

Whether used as a dining room, living room, or even a just a place to sit back and unwind, they provide that extra room needed to make your property feel like a home.

Saves You Some Serious Cash If Adequately Insulated:

Perhaps the biggest benefit of conservatories, modern technology has turned what was once classed almost exclusively as a seasonal room, into a space that can be used all year round.

Whilst the construction of conservatories has changed, some of the biggest changes have come in the form of conservatory insulation, answering, are conservatories a waste of money, in more ways than one.

Professional conservatory insulation gives you a space that has a regulated temperature, 365 days a year, but also stops so much energy being lost whilst heating the room, saving you money on your heating bills.

Are Conservatories A Waste Of Money? Final Conclusion

Conservatories may not be the latest modern trend in home improvements, but they are arguably even more special now than they ever have been before.

Our team at LogicFoam have been insulating conservatories for many years, seeing first-hand what has been achieved by our previous customers, in both the smallest spaces, and those conservatories that have become the centre-piece of a property.

As the use and design of conservatories continues to evolve, they are unlikely to be considered a waste of money; for as long as there is still inspiration left to make the most of the wonderful space, so to shall the ideas continue to diversify ever more over time.

Make the most of your additional room all year round, by investing in conservatory roof insulation. Learn more about how this revolutionary technology can ensure comfortable conditions for good, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

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