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Are uPVC Windows Secure? Lowdown on Locks

upvc windows secure

Are uPVC windows secure? A popular question among property owners-and with good reason! Your home is your castle and should be invested in accordingly to keep it safe and secure.

If you live in an urban locale, the locking system you use assumes even greater significance; properties situated on main thoroughfares are particularly susceptible to intruders.

This makes it challenging to fully relax-especially if your treasured possessions are rare or irreplaceable. So, how can you protect your property from prying eyes in the nighttime?

While home security tips abound, your locking system itself is key to allaying your fears. Here`s why...

Why are UPVC Window Locks Such a Big Deal Today?

As entry points to your home, your windows are the primary access points for burglars who seek to steal your possessions.

Although windows are typically fitted with locks, wear and tear on these systems may cause them to lose their efficacy.

Further jamming within the mechanism itself poses an additional risk to security, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders or nosy, opportunistic snoopers. 

What are the Main Locking Systems on the Market?

Like window designs themselves, the locking options on offer address practically every scenario.

From securing high-rise apartments to child-friendly locking mechanisms, the options are truly staggering. Here`s a brief overview of the most popular systems on the market:

Option 1: Shootbolt Locks:

Shootbolt locks attach to multiple points of the frame,  minimising the risk of unlawful entry.

As they are also highly robust, these locks are suitable for doors as well, and can be incorporated into the hardware for additional peace of mind.

Option 2: Full-Length Window Locks:

Full-length window locks have been a popular option for decades. In recent years, this lock type has experienced a resurgence of interest.

As a surprisingly affordable option, installing this type of lock can keep costs in check.

Option 3: Espagnolette Locks:

Similar to multi-point systems, espagnolette locks are integrated deep into the framework.

Protecting several entry points simultaneously, they are ideal for property owners in dense, urban locales.

Option 4: Gearbox Lock Mechanisms:

Gearbox lock mechanisms connect to three points of the frame to secure each window.

They are generally very robust, although they may need to be oiled at times.

Should I Consider Reinforcements for My Doors As Well?

Absolutely! If you are aiming to replace your front door, a secure lock is a must! Over time, adverse weather events can take their toll on the strength of your door.

While this spoils the overall look, the security risks this poses are an even more pertinent concern. Rather than simply replacing the locks, it is often more cost-effective in the long run to replace the door in its entirety.

Wherever your property is located, the main entry point to your home deserves a first-rate lock that puts your mind to rest.

As the industry standard for locks, a Yale, multi-point locking system is generally advised for entrance doors, with additions, such as peepholes and restrictors, keeping your home safe and secure.

Do Yale Security Locks Really Live Up to the Hype?

Ubiquitous in the double glazing industry, Yale security locks are renowned for quality and performance, providing superior security solutions across the UK.

The brand has a global presence, with these strong, resilient locks suiting all types of properties. In fact, a quick scout around your own home may uncover a Yale lock or two. They are typically cylindrical in appearance and featured on entrance doors and windows where security is often an issue.

If your locks are exhibiting signs of rust, or showing signs of wear, a local double glazing contractor can take a look at the lock, and point you in the right direction.

A key advantage of this lock type is its unrivalled versatility. If you require a specific format, you can easily purchase a cylinder that meets your specifications.

Advances in locking technologies have brought new models to the market. For tech-savvy homeowners, Bluetooth operated locks are likely to appeal, enabling you to control access remotely through the mere touch of a button!

Concerned about window security but struggling to find a solution? With 25 years of experience between us, we have helped countless homeowners upgrade their security systems.

Installing the right window lock is key to protecting your home and preventing break-ins in the long run.

For further advice on locking mechanisms, and their relative merits and drawbacks, simply call 0800 1700 636