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When Is The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows?

best time of year to replace windows

To-do list remaining unticked? Give procrastination the cold shoulder, with our handy guide to the best time of year to replace windows. It’s short, sweet, and guaranteed to save you some cash. Let’s get started…

Installing Windows In Spring: An Overview

The arrival of Spring heralds the start of home renovation season, when we dust off our lengthy to-do list and put our good intentions into practice.

In terms of installing windows, Spring is definitely a good time for a discount; you’ll find the majority of seasonal discounts on offer during the Spring, as installers aim to schedule orders for the first part of the year.


The weather is noticeably warmer-which provides a greater window of opportunity (pardon the pun!) for you to set a date for the installation, without the worry of it being re-scheduled.


The downsides of installing windows in the Springtime are few and far between-the only slight drawback you’ll encounter are the extra bugs, which may try to scuttle into your home whilst the work is being carried out.

best time of year to replace windows

Looking to let more light into your home? Installing new windows in the Summer enables you to achieve exactly that, creating the illusion of extra space

Installing Windows In Summer: An Overview

Another popular time for replacement, Summer suggests thoughts of holidays and lighter evenings, and in recent years, the ‘working staycation’ instead.

For some of us, booking a week off provides the ideal opportunity to go full steam ahead with our homes, transforming them with upgraded windows, a new lick of paint, and a few potted plants for the garden!


Looking to let more light into your home? Installing new windows in Summer enables you to achieve exactly that.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to see how they transform your room first-hand-a perfect proposition for creating the illusion of extra space!


In older homes, the higher levels of humidity at this time of year can pose some problems-but most installers are able to work around them.

This is also the busiest season for glazing contractors-so you may find you’re unable to book the installation for the week you want.

best time of year to replace windows

By installing your windows in Winter, you'll be able to feel the tangible benefits of your new windows-especially if you opt for low e glass or triple glazing

Is It Better To Install Windows In Autumn And Winter Instead?

If the best price is your main prerogative, then absolutely! In Winter, double glazing installers are incredibly sharp with their pencils; they're keen to gain your custom before Christmas, and, consequently, will drop their prices considerably if you book your install before mid December.

Most contractors have good availability during these two seasons; ideal if you have a particular day in mind that you want to set aside for sorting this project.

This is also the time of year when you'll feel the tangible benefits of your brand new windows-especially if you opt for low e glass in your windows, or for triple glazing instead. It's a win-win situation!

best time of year to replace windows

Don't let your beloved bowwow turn your home improvements into a hazard; your contractor will be hauling around heavy materials as they clear the space, so secure them away from the work!

How to Prepare the Area for Installation

When it comes to window replacement, it’s all in the preparation. Follow these 3 handy hints, and your window installation will be seamless from start to finish:

Handy Hint No.1 # Prune to Perfection:

It’s a jungle out there…and if you want to replace your windows, its time to become suitably intrepid.

Excess foliage can prevent access to existing frames, and should be pruned into submission accordingly.

This is mostly a problem in Summer, when boughs are laden with leaves.

Handy Hint No.2 # Purchase Some Plastic:

If you’re ready to replace your windows, then comprehensive coverage is key.

We’re talking durable floor to ceiling plastic sheeting, to protect from dust, dirt and debris. This also prevents heat from escaping, whilst your installer gets down to work.

Handy Hint No.3 # Protect Your Pets:

Or should that be your supplier? Your chosen contractor will be hauling around heavy materials-and the last thing they need is your beloved bowwow using their legs as an improvised slalom.

Reduce the risks of a a mishap, by securing pets away from the work.

best time of year to replace windows

Winter may be a bleak time of year for morale, but in terms of upgrading your windows, it's a win-win situation all round, and a perfect time for discounts!

How to Get the Very Best Deal for Your Windows

So…you’ve done your research, chosen your companies-and now it’s time to put your negotiating skills into practice!

Here’s 3 top tips to get you started (and swing the odds in your favour):

Top Tip No.1 # Wangle a Winter Discount:

Winter may be a bleak time of year for morale, but in terms of upgrading your windows, it’s a win-win situation all round. 

From Late November, double glazing suppliers get surprisingly sharp with their pencils, aiming to secure your custom before Christmas.

This makes it the perfect time to leverage a discount. In addition to this, their schedules are less hectic in Winter, meaning that they’ll be less harried, and provide a more astute and attentive service as a result.

And with a couple of well-placed bows, they can make for an ideal present at Christmas, ensuring cosy conditions inside.

best time of year to replace windows

Your custom is invaluable to an installer, so if you're choosing them for multiple products, they'll return the favour in kind, by offering a favourable deal

Top Tip No.2 # Streamline your Styles:

The trend for Scandi-design seems set to continue-and with good reason. Minimalist aesthetics offer considerable mainstream appeal, both in terms of prospective buyers, and budget restrictions as well.

Whilst we wouldn’t advise you to opt for windows from reclaimed materials, streamlining your style choices can save you almost 50% overall.

Simpler styles, such as casement windows, are the cheapest option available, making them ideal for whole house replacements.

Other designs, such as sashes and bays, are costlier choices, as they are comprised of multiple sections, with greater attention to detailing as well.

Top Tip No.3 # Plump for Multiple Products:

It may be the oldest trick in the book, but as they always say, the old ‘uns are the good ‘uns-and this tip is no exception.

Although one project will take priority, chances are that you’ve also got additional plans in the pipeline, that you’ve earmarked for a later date.

But why hangfire on home improvements when immediacy saves you your hard-earned cash?

It may sound nonsensical, but tackling projects simultaneously, offers a much more cost-effective solution.

Think of it this way: your custom is invaluable to an installer, so if you’re choosing them for multiple projects, they return the favour in kind, by offering a significant discount.

It’s the ‘principle of reciprocity’ in action!

best time of year to replace windows

With our customised, online quoter, you'll be able to build your window right from scratch, watching it come alive in front of you at the very click of a mouse

Why Our Online Quoter Works In Your Favour

You can’t rely on politicians to keep their promises. But you can rely on our online quoting system to give you awesomely accurate prices.

Simply enter your postcode, select your styles, and get your instant, online quote in a matter of minutes (if only everything could be that easy…)

What’s more, you’ll be able to build your specifications from scratch, watching your desired doors and windows come alive right in front of you.

Scary, huh?! 

But not as scary as the prohibitive prices being proffered by snakeoil salesman. They give the industry a bad name.

That’s why we take it upon ourselves to change things; by taking them down, and offering total transparency.

It’s what you deserve. And what we, as a company, deliver.

best time of year to replace windows

After installation, a professional contractor will provide you with a 25 year warranty and FENSA certificate as standard, to preserve your long-term peace of mind

What Are the Benefits of Professional Window Replacement?

Professional window installers know your time is precious-and will honour this by installing your windows quickly, efficiently, and with the minimum amount of hassle.

On average, new windows can be installed in just a few days; although it may take longer than this if you require a highly customised style.

After installation, they’ll also provide you with a 25 year warranty and FENSA certificate as standard, meaning that should you run into issues at a later date, these will be fixed by the contractor immediately-and at no extra expense to yourself.

Although some homeowners do opt to install their new windows themselves, this is not without its problems-if installed incorrectly, draughts can quickly occur, compromising your comfort inside.

By enlisting the experts instead, you’ll know from the outset that the correct installation techniques were deployed. 

Moreover, a professional installation means that you’ll be able to make the most of the energy saving benefits of your windows (and an increase in your EPC rating to boot!) Sorted! 

Ready to upgrade your windows? Our glazing experts are on hand to help you get the very best deal for your windows and ensure they're as energy efficient as possible. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below to talk to our team direct!

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