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Can You Extend An Existing Conservatory?



If you already have a conservatory, then you’ll know just how fantastic the additional space can be. There are few rooms in a home that can compete with the beautiful natural lighting and tranquil ambience that a conservatory can create.

However, if you find yourself asking, can you extend an existing conservatory, then you are certainly not alone. As an easy way to extend the floor plan of a property, creating a larger, and more attractive conservatory is a highly desirable home improvement project in the UK.

To many homeowners delight, the answer to, can you extend an existing conservatory, is a resounding yes.

But just like any major home improvement, there are some essential regulations for conservatory construction, and some important questions that need asking before you proceed.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following guide to capitalising on your conservatory, transforming this much maligned space into a relaxing room to retreat to-with the ambient temperature to match…


Installing a conservatory to start with usually doesn't require planning permission, as it comes under your permitted development rights

Bless This House!

Don’t worry, we don’t mean this as blessing the house in order to scare off potential evil spirits! We just mean that planning permission may be required, depending on size and situation.

Installing a conservatory to start with usually doesn’t require planning permission, as it comes under your permitted development rights.

However, although you have the right to install a conservatory, the UK Government have set out guidelines that you must meet if you are to swerve around the requirement for planning permission prior to construction.


Generally speaking, there are regulations surrounding where a conservatory can be placed, how high it can be, and the overall size of the space

The Rules and Regulations for Conservatories

The planning permission regulations for conservatories are very easy to work with. As a conservatory is classed as a permitted development,  extending an existing conservatory is very much a possibility for the majority of homeowners.

However, there are regulations surrounding where a conservatory can be placed, how high it can be, and the overall size. This could cause problems for an extension on an already large conservatory.

Some of the main regulations include:

• The maximum height that a one storey extension can be is four metres.

• Conservatories cannot be constructed in excess of three metres away from the back wall of an attached property, or four metres of a detached property.

• Only 50% of the overall property can have additional buildings.

• Conservatories on the side of a property cannot exceed a width of half the original property width.

Want to know how conservatory insulation actually works? The video above gives a brief explanation of what it offers-and how it can prime this additional room for year round use!

Can You Extend An Existing Conservatory?

So the answer to “can you extend an existing conservatory” is a resounding yes! However, it's also crucial for you to consider how it’s going to be insulated if you want to ensure it's comfortable for year round use.

Put simply, there is no point in going ahead with an extension if the new space isn’t going to be insulated to the same standard as the existing space.

If one half of the conservatory is well insulated, and the other half isn’t, basic physics will kick in, and, eventually, you’ll have a scenario where your newly extended conservatory will be a hot-spot for condensation and damp.

Insulation in a conservatory is crucial to the conservatory’s life-span. A high-standard of insulation will give your space a priceless level of sustainability, reducing the need for frequent repairs. This will also reduce the need for, in some extreme cases, complete demolition and re-construction.


Our multi-foil insulation product will bring a whole new feel to your conservatory, enabling you to enjoy the space come rain or shine!

Let Us Warm Your New Space

We here at Home Logic know a thing or two about conservatory insulation and the properties it possesses. A well-insulated conservatory will regulate the temperature by itself, in order to keep you warm in the Winter, and nice and cool in the Summer.

This allows you to enjoy the outdoors, from indoors, regardless of the weather outside.

Our multi-foil insulation product will bring a whole new feel to the atmosphere in your entire conservatory, allowing you to use your space in ways you could never imagine.

Not only can it be a relaxation space, it can be a functional sleeping area, dining room-or even a den! Once you have insulated your conservatory, it's time to get creative!

Our team of experts are with you every step of the way, and we want you to enjoy every square metre of your conservatory, without having to change into a jumper before entering the extension!

What’s more, the layer of insulation will reduce heat loss by up to 91%, meaning you can feel the benefit, and physically see the benefit too – in your bank!


To ensure that your new extension adds value to your home, rather than detracts from it, it is essential to make sure that the extension is well-constructed, and in-keeping with your existing conservatory

What to Consider Before Extending Your Conservatory

While the planning permission regulations are essential for the legal side of conservatory construction, there are other factors to focus on as well.

Extending your conservatory comes with additional requirements, that you may not have considered previously. Namely, it is important to consider your property value, and the energy efficiency of your conservatory.

Will the Extended Conservatory Increase Your Property Value?

It is common knowledge that conservatories are one of the top home improvements to increase the value of your home. However, for the conservatory to be valuable, it must be of a high-quality, and not impact the garden of your property too significantly.

Mark Hayward, the NAEA managing director, commented in a recent article in the Telegraph, “Conservatories will add value to a home, but they need to be made with quality materials and provide a lot of light in order for the value to be significant.”

To ensure that your new extension adds value to your home, rather than detracts from it, it is essential to make sure that the extension is well-constructed, and in-keeping with your existing conservatory.


With suitable insulation, your conservatory space can be used as a stunning home office, an atmospheric living room; or even a family dining room if you so desire!

Does Your Conservatory Have Adequate Insulation?

While the answer to, “can you extend an existing conservatory”, is yes: the answer to “should I extend my conservatory”, is dependent on your conservatory insulation.

Today, a conservatory without adequate insulation, is not only unappealing to potential buyers, but near unhabitable during the coldest months of the year.

If you are considering investing in an extension, then insulation should be at the top of your list. If you don’t insulate correctly, the increased space could end up making your conservatory an unpleasant addition to your home that is rarely used.

What Is the Best Conservatory Insulation?

One of the most popular forms of conservatory insulation is multi-foil insulation. The blanket insulation creates an impressive barrier of heat loss prevention, ticking all the boxes when it comes to the ever-important energy efficiency of a home.

Installed behind a beautiful roof covering, the layers of insulation prevent damp, stop the glare from the sun damaging furniture, and just like the extension, doesn’t require planning permission to install.

No matter the size of your conservatory, once you have insulation installed, you’ll be able to use your conservatory all year round. With suitable insulation, the conservatory space can also be used as a stunning home office, an atmospheric living room; or even a family dining room.

At Home Logic, our expert team can help you to ensure that your new conservatory extension becomes the perfect retreat on chilly Winter evenings, and the ideal place to relax on hot sunny days. Bliss!

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