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Clay vs Concrete Roof Tiles Advantages

clay vs concrete roof tiles advantages

Both are incredibly popular building materials, especially when it comes to making tiles, but which is better - clay or concrete? There are pros and cons to both types of tile, so how do you make a clear choice when there’s so much information to process?

Forget what you may have heard, or what you might assume, about clay and concrete tiles: here is the definitive overview of all the main clay vs concrete tiles advantages. Have a read and you’ll have a clearer view of the best one to use for your property.

Clay Tiles Pros and Cons

There are many great benefits to this traditional type of roof tile; likewise, there are also drawbacks.

Clay Tiles Pros

Firstly, the aesthetic appeal of clay roof tiles is hard to beat. Clay tiles are not difficult to make, but the fact that clay is a naturally-sourced material means that they create a timeless and rustic feel to even the most modern abode. 

Besides looking great, clay tiles are also known for their durability and longevity. High-quality clay tiles are highly rain and wind-resistant, and are naturally resistant to moss and lichen, which helps preserve the health of the tiles and keep them securely fixed onto the roof.

Clay roof tiles are also a very low maintenance choice of roofing, as they require little upkeep to retain their look and function.

Clay Tiles Cons

Clay tiles are quite heavy and can easily smash when dropped. This can make the installation process more time-consuming and less efficient. 

The fact that clay tiles are heavy also means they are more prone to falling off the roof, which is a potential risk to your safety, as well as to your wallet when you have to pay for repairs.

clay vs concrete roof tiles advantages

Clay tiles are a continuously popular choice of roofing, but they aren’t the cheapest option, so you might want to seek a cheaper option if you’re sticking to a strict budget

Concrete Tiles Pros and Cons

Concrete Tiles Pros

Concrete has been used in construction for thousands of years, and it remains one of the most reliable and versatile types of roofing tile. 

Forget the drab grey slabs that hearing the word ‘concrete’ conjures up. You can find the exact style, size, shape, and colour of roof tile made from concrete, as they are available in a wide range of different textures and colours.

As well as its customisability, concrete is supremely resistant to wind and rain, and has a long lifespan without the need for extensive upkeep. Concrete is very low-maintenance and strong, in both low and high temperature climates.

Concrete Tile Cons

One of the main disadvantages of concrete is its weight: it’s extremely heavy - and can weigh around twice as much as a clay tile. This often makes it necessary for reinforcement to be made around a roof before adding concrete tiles.

Another con is that concrete doesn’t age very well: when weathered, concrete can get stained and damaged-looking quite rapidly. It is therefore not always the most attractive roofing option to go for.

clay vs concrete roof tiles advantages

So, out of clay and concrete, which is better? Both materials have their own pros and cons - ultimately, though, the choice is down to personal taste!

Clay Vs Concrete: The Bottom Line

Clay is supremely water-resistant while concrete is not, which means the latter is more prone to problems associated with moisture, such as mildew and moss.

However, concrete is much sturdier than the easy-to-break clay alternative, which means that concrete roof tiles don’t need replacing as often as clay - saving you time and money.

If you want an aesthetically-pleasing look to your property, clay tiles are unmatched in their rustic charm; concrete, on the other hand, is not known for its visual appeal, especially after a few years of weathering.

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