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Do I Lose More Heat Through The Windows Or Conservatory Roof?

Do I Lose More Heat Through The Windows Or Conservatory Roof

Part of the dream image of owning a conservatory is the vision of a beautiful room filled with natural lighting that is the perfect space to enjoy breakfast in the morning, and spend time relaxing in at night.

The reality for most people, however, is pretty far removed from  that idyllic vision.

A conservatory may be a beautiful space, but most conservatories are simply not designed to retain heat when it is needed, and prevent heat from entering when it isn’t. For many people, a conservatory becomes a room that is simply unusable – too hot to spend time in, or far too cold to enjoy.

The question ‘do I lose more heat through the windows or roof of my conservatory?’ is one that more than a few conservatory owners have found themselves asking. 

This article aims to provide an answer, as well as some useful tips and advice on increasing your overall level of comfort, without compromising on cost in the process. Let’s begin!

Cold Conservatory: What’s To Blame?

As most older conservatories are built almost entirely out of glass, it can feel like a pretty difficult task to pinpoint just exactly where the heat is escaping. You would almost expect the heat loss to be fairly evenly spread, but surprisingly, the heat loss is a lot more isolated than you might think.

While not solely to blame, there is one BIG culprit responsible for the chill in your conservatory and that extra expenditure of energy – the conservatory roof.

Around 80% of the heat that enters your conservatory comes from the roof, and sadly, about the same percentage leaves that way as well.

This is why, on those hot Summer days when you open your conservatory window, the temperature doesn’t change all that much.

This doesn’t mean that insulating the windows isn’t going to improve the environment though – there’s a lot that blinds and window coverings can do to better control the environment in a conservatory.

However, the big impact comes when you insulate the conservatory roof– the secret to achieving a conservatory that is usable every day of the year.

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Do I Lose More Heat Through The Windows Or Conservatory Roof

Combat The Chill With Conservatory Roof Insulation

There are a couple forms of conservatory roof insulation that you can install to improve the temperature control in your conservatory, with one of the best on the market being multi-foil insulation.

Home Logic multi-foil insulation combines layers of foam, wadding, aluminium, and air pockets to deliver an exceptional performance all under a single stylish roof covering. After this innovative system has been sealed, your conservatory will immediately start to feel completely different.

This works for achieving both a warmer environment in the Winter, and a cooler environment in the Summer.

When correctly installed, the revolutionary system can prevent 91% of the heat that is lost through the conservatory roof.

Just like building a new conservatory, installing this effective insulation doesn’t need planning permission either – making it perfect for any style of conservatory. When combined with thick blinds for your conservatory windows, you’ll regain the control you need to enjoy the space as it should be enjoyed.

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Do I Lose More Heat Through The Windows Or Conservatory Roof

Upgrade Your Conservatory With A Delightful New Design

Conservatory insulation can cure the flaw in older conservatories that make them ill-equipped to handle heat retention. However, it can’t fix other existing issues that many be causing you to lose heat through your conservatory roof or windows.

Sadly, conservatories do slowly begin to degrade over time. Sometimes, the best move you can make for your home is to fully upgrade your conservatory.

With a brand-new construction, you can start out on the right footing with a specially designed conservatory system that is well-equipped to handle sun glare, heat loss, and noise problems.

Home Logic conservatories are available with solid roof systems, classic glass systems, and of course, can be full insulated with top of the range insulation. There are many ways that you can upgrade a conservatory, but for an amazing finish, a new conservatory is an outstanding option.

Get the Full Benefit of Your Conservatory All Year Round!

A conservatory can be the best room in your home, but only when it is given the opportunity to be so. Whether you need conservatory insulation or are looking for a beautiful new bespoke conservatory, our team is on hand to help.

At Home Logic, we provide a comprehensive conservatory service, from unique conservatory design to the full installation of top of the range insulation. Struggling with the chill in your conservatory? Give our expert team a call today on 0800 1700 636, or simply click the button below!

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