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Spray Foam Insulation

Does Spray Foam Work In The Cold Climate?

does spray foam work in the cold climate

For some home improvements, you know immediately what conditions are going to deliver the best results; you shouldn’t paint in the rain, you shouldn’t install a new driveway in the snow, and you shouldn’t add a conservatory when it’s hailing. 

However, for other home improvements, like installing spray foam insulation, the best conditions are not always quite so obvious. As spray foam is a chemical, it needs the right conditions during installation to be able to excel and offer the kind of benefits that you would expect from a leading insulation product. 

As most spray foam applications take place inside the home rain is not going to be a problem, but what about the cold climate? How cold does it need to be for the application of spray foam to be advised against?

It’s time to find out by answering the important question: does spray foam work in the cold climate?

does spray foam work in the cold climate

For the most part, installing spray foam insulation in the UK with relatively uncommon temperature extremes, is not likely to be much of a problem, even on cold days

Spray Foam and Cold Weather During Installation

Spray foam insulation is designed to combat the cold climate, so you would expect the product to be very resistent to cold weather, and you’d be right. The insulation material is very hardy, both during application and after installation. 

A recent article in the Spray Foam Magazine, looked at spray foam application in the coldest of weathers, and Home Logic’s spray foam insulation variety of choice, Icynene, faired very well. The article looked at Canadian spray foam insulation application, where the average January temperatures in Toronto are -3 °c.

A spokesperson from Icynene stated that spray foam can be installed down to a temperature of -25 °c, for a medium density type foam. As the average temperature in London in January is a relatively warm 5 °c, the kind of temperatures that can prevent installation are not commonplace - the coldest temperature on record in the UK since 1961 is 27.2 °c. 

Extremely cold weather is able to affect the installation of spray foam, but for the majority of the year, installations can be performed without an issue. However, other factors also need to be considered for an effective installation, such as:

•    Wind speed
•    Weather
•    Precipitation
•    Large temperature changes
•    Ambient air temperature

does spray foam work in the cold climate

Other sources of cold, like draughts, are also helped by the addition of spray foam. The barrier that the insulation material creates is strong and effective, even in the coldest months of the year. 

Spray Foam and Cold Weather After Installation

The other side to the question ‘does spray foam work in the cold climate?’ is how well the insulation material performs in cold weather. Again, as you would expect, spray foam does very well in the cold. 

One way to consider the performance of spray foam insulation is to look at the R-value of the material, which is how well the insulation is able to resist the transfer of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation material will be able to keep heat inside a building. 

Spray foam insulation has an R-value of 3.7 for the low-density open-cell spray foam and an R-value of 6 for the high-density spray foam. Both values are very good for residential or commercial insulation materials and will prevent a considerable amount of heat loss in colder months. 

The insulation also creates a consistent layer in a diverse range of areas on your home; from underneath the flooring to between the walls. This means that the insulation doesn’t have any cold gaps and overall, the thermal efficiency of spray foam is exceptional.

does spray foam work in the cold climate

With the right knowledge of spray foam and the experience of handling it, the best results will be gained from the product as it will always be installed in optimal conditions

Call in the Spray Foam Experts for a Job Well-Done!

If you’re considering having spray foam insulation installed in your home then the job is best left in the hands of an expert team. 

At Home Logic, we provide insulation solutions to homeowners all over the UK, helping people to enjoy warmer homes that use less energy and cost less to heat during the winter months. 

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