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How Many Years Does A Concrete Tile Roof Last?

how many years does a concrete tile roof last


Concrete tiles are known to be fairly weather resistant and highly durable, so if you have a roof with this covering material, you could be forgiven for thinking your roof is going to last forever.

Of course, that isn’t the case. No type of roofing can last a lifetime, so just how many years does a concrete tile roof last and when will yours require replacing? It's time to find out...

What Do I Need to Know About Concrete Tiles?

Concrete roof tiles are made up of three components – Portland cement, water and sand. Although the precise components will vary with different manufacturers, all products appear similar in colour, shape, and size. 

There are three profiles of concrete tiles available. Flat profile tiles have no curves, low profile tiles have only small curves while high profile tiles have bigger curves. Also, concrete tiles can have either a rough or smooth texture.

You can choose between lightweight and standard weight tiles. Although you may think that lightweight tiles are best, this isn’t really a good idea. 

Light concrete tiles are weak and can easily break in inclement weather or heavy falls of snow when compared with standard weight concrete tiles. Also, since lightweight tiles are more expensive than ordinary concrete tiles, they aren’t really the best option.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Concrete Tiled Roofs?

If you’re asking how many years a concrete tile roof will last, you’ll need to know the maximum life expectancy of this popular roofing type. 

Concrete tiles are said to last around 50 years. However, in reality, your roof will require attention before that time is up. Even if the batten system and underlayment are good quality, and even if the right installation procedures have been used by professional roofing contractors, it’s unlikely that they will last that amount of time. 

This means that a replacement will be necessary after around 30-40 years. In many cases, battens and underlayment of concrete tile roofs need replacing even sooner than that due to inferior installation procedures or materials. 

In the worst cases, this could even be within just 5-8 years after their first installation. Also, over time, concrete tiles lose their colour and some of their surface texture which may mean they require replacing.

Concrete Tile Roofs and The Moisture Problem

Concrete tiled roofs are very prone to penetration by moisture from snow or rain driven by the wind. This is even more the case with concrete tiles than with other types of roofing material. 

This means that the flashing, batten system and underlayment are so vital to the longevity of your tiled roof. Snow, leaves, dirt, rain and even pests can get under tiled roofs, so ensuring proper installation and good quality materials couldn’t be more important.

Making Your Concrete Tile Roof Last Longer

Although you can’t indefinitely extend the lifespan of your concrete tiled roof, you can make it last a little longer by caring for it in the right way. 

Firstly, when you first have your concrete tiles installed, you need to make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor to carry out the work. You also need to ensure that all of the materials used during the process are of the highest quality. 

Make sure that you have your roof checked regularly by a professional for any ongoing maintenance to be carried out and you’ll have the best chance of your roof lasting for its expected lifespan.

The Importance of Insulation: Increasing Your Roof's Resilience

Another important aspect when installing a concrete tile roof is insulation. Having adequate insulation for any type of roof is vital to avoid excessive loss of heat. 

More heat is lost through your home’s roof than from any other part of your property and this means that preventing that heat loss is key not only to keeping your house comfortable and warm but also to reducing your energy bills.

Spray foam insulation is the perfect solution for insulating the area beneath your concrete tiled roof. Easy to install and wonderfully air tight, spray foam insulation is breathable and can reduce moisture and condensation to eliminate the problems associated with mildew and mould growth. 

Whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof with a concrete tile covering, spray foam insulation is the ideal solution to reducing your carbon footprint and to making your home more energy efficient.

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