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How To Clean Outside of House Without A Pressure Washer


If you don’t own a pressure washer or are concerned by the damage that pressure washing can cause, then cleaning your property exterior can feel like a gargantuan challenge. 

With so many surfaces to clean, from external walls to fences and patios, the maintenance task is rarely going to be a quick one, but there are alternatives out there to the standard pressure washer that can help you to clean the outside of your house effectively. 

We’re going to walk you through some of the alternative techniques for how to clean outside of house without a pressure washer and look at a completely different method to keep your property clean without any hard work!

How to Clean a Property Exterior: 4 Perfect Plans of Attack

There are many ways to clean a property exterior without the aid of a pressure washer. Here are four of the best ways to clean the outside of your house:

Method One: Hose Pipe

A hose pipe is a great low-cost and safe alternative to a pressure washer. Many homes have hose pipe attachments on the exterior, but if not, you can buy attachments to allow you to use a hose pipe from most sink taps.

Purchasing a good nozzle that produces a strong jet will allow you to blast most of the dirt off of the exterior of your property, without causing as much damage as pressure washer does. 

Method Two: House Wash

House wash is an effective pressure washer alternative, as it utilises a standard hose pipe but enhances the results by adding an exterior surface cleaning product.

The cleaning product bottle is attached to the hose pipe and the spray goes directly through it, so you can coat the exterior of your home with cleaning solution before rinsing it off.


While each of the cleaning methods can help your property exterior to look better, particularly when used together, they’re all very time-consuming. Even using a pressure washer is going to take a considerable amount of time

Method Three: Scrubbing Brush

A scrubbing brush combined with a warm water and soap or bleach solution can do wonders for a property exterior. The deep clean is labour-intensive and time-consuming, but it’s going to get up the majority of dirt, grime and even stains.

Scrubbing your property exterior and rinsing the surfaces may sound like a lot of hard work, but the results will be very good.

Method Four: Cleaning Wand

A cleaning wand is another hose pipe addition, but is invaluable for cleaning hard to reach places, like the upper levels of your home. 

Essentially a hose pipe extension that takes the form of a scrubbing brush, cleaning wands will give you that same deep cleaning as a hand brush, but without the need for ladders.

Decrease Exterior Maintenance with Properla

While each of the cleaning methods can help your property exterior to look better, particularly when used together, they’re all very time-consuming. Even using a pressure washer is going to take a considerable amount of time. 

What many people don’t realise, is that there’s a solution to dealing with grime, dirt and smog on the outside of a property, without having to reach for the cleaning supplies.

Some specialist wall coatings, like those developed by Properla, are designed to be self-cleaning. This means that all that dirt and grime is going to almost completely disappear before it has time to settle and ruin the look of your home. 

You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true, but you’ll be surprised at just what a little quality wall coating can do…


As rain hits a Properla-treated wall, it beads up and runs down the wall surface, taking most of the grime and dirt with it. With Properla, maintenance is seriously reduced as the dirt and grime simply isn’t there to clean

What is a Properla Wall Coating?

Properla is a super hydrophobic wall coating, which means that it repels water. The main benefit of this is a reduction in masonry water absorption by about 95%, making Properla like an additional layer of exterior insulation that lowers the thermal conductivity of your walls.

The self-cleaning properties of Properla are a side benefit to the hydrophobic layer that the wall coating creates. Dirt can’t stick to a Properla-treated surface and even moss and algae have a hard time growing, so the walls stay much cleaner for longer.

Home Logic: Premium Property Protection at Your Fingertips

At Home Logic, we can apply all types of Properla exterior coatings, from those designed to protect the walls and floors of your property to those designed to protect exterior wooden surfaces. 

To say goodbye to exterior cleaning and hello to a warmer home that takes less to maintain, call Home Logic today on 0800 1700 636! Alternatively, simply click the button below-our team will be in touch in a jiffy!