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Spray Foam Insulation

How to Reduce Heat Loss Through Your Floor

reduce heat loss through your floor

It’s common knowledge that roofs need to be insulated sufficiently to keep in heat and protect your home, but what most of us don’t consider is the need to install flooring insulation too.

Heat travels in all directions (not just up!) and so unless you cover all bases, you’ll find your efforts to keep everything warm will only go so far.

Do you really lose much heat through floors?

Houses can lose around 10% of their warmth through the ground, which is a hefty figure considering it often goes forgotten when it comes to heating and servicing. It’s often considered the last base to cover if you want to truly cut down on your energy bills, but unfortunately not one that everyone gets round to.

Losing 10% of your heat could mean an increase of more than 10% on your energy bills – so if you can solve the problem, it’s definitely worth doing!

There are several types of house that are susceptible to high levels of heat loss through the floors. These include older houses with ‘suspended’ floors and homes with solid concrete floors.

That said, this doesn’t mean more modern homes are completely immune. There’s measures you can take to help combat the issue no matter where you reside.

Does my floor not already have insulation?

Existing insulation varies from home to home, but there’s likelihoods depending on the type of house you live in.

More modern homes tend to have slabs of polystyrene a few inches below the concrete surface of flooring to act as ground insulation. There’s lots of different varieties of such insulation, so if you’re not sure of the exact type, refer to your builders’ records. Polystyrene insulation works fairly well, but can be boosted with other products for full coverage.

how to reduce heat loss through the floor

Homes with wooden floors often have draught-proofing measures in place. These normally consist of a basic sealant to fill any gaps between floorboards or between skirting boards and the floor itself.

If you access into the crawlspace (or void) under your flooring, you should be able to check out what’s already in place. As well as the above, this could also be polyfoam boards or fibreboard insulations. You should have some ventilation though – if you don’t, it’s easy for your insulation to dampen and rot.

This said, having insulation in place often doesn’t mean you’re fully covered. For full coverage, you’ll need the newest technology available.

reduce heat loss through your floor

Home Logic expandable foam can work around existing insulation (not all though), or can effectively insulate as the sole solution. It completely blocks any air leakage but its chemical make-up still allows residual moisture to pass through it; there’s absolutely no risk of dampness

Which Insulation Type Is Most Effective Overall?

The most advanced insulation is one that can cover everything but still allow a degree of ventilation – and it’s a spray foam!

The foam comes with a 25-year product warranty and should only be installed by the most expert of technicians, ensuring the utmost quality and a long lifespan. The spray foam can even help stabilise the overall structure of your property, as it expands to fill every space.

Unlike other insulation solutions, Home Logic Spray Foam contains no harmful chemicals and no formaldehyde. It’s the perfect insulation product even for the greenest and most eco-friendly of homes, and is a sustainable non-allergen solution.

Aside from its clean credentials, it also blocks out harmful allergens in the air, so nothing nasty can get through and into your home.

reduce heat loss through your floor

Aside from its clean credentials, it also blocks out harmful allergens in the air, so nothing nasty can get through and into your home. Bliss!

This sounds pretty specialist. Can I insulate with spray foam myself?

Spray Foam Insulation Solutions should be installed by an expert technician.  Upon installation, you’ll receive a BBA (British Broad of Agrement) certification and a 25-year product warranty, ensuring your home is safely and securely insulated.

BBA certification is recognised throughout the building and construction industries as the ultimate mark of quality workmanship and reassurance, so you’ll have real piece of mind that your new insulation is of the best possible quality.

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