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Spray Foam Insulation

Listed Building Insulation: The Essential Guide

listed building insulation

A listed building is a property, structure or object that is judged to be of high national importance. This significance could relate to architectural or historical interest.

For such properties, there is a special register, named the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. If your building is on this list, then it is under the consideration of a regulatory planning system, protecting its integrity for years to come.

As a result, listed building insulation can often require planning permission before installation takes place.

Ancient buildings are more likely to be listed than newly built structures. Pretty much all buildings erected before 1700 that have survived to resemble anything like their original state, will be on this list.

To even be considered, a property must have been erected for at least 30 years. So why might planning permission be required for something that ultimately protects a property? It's time to find out...

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It doesn’t matter how beneficial your choice of insulation may be, there are further complications and unique challenges that must be considered with listed properties

Listed Building Insulation Issues

First of all, you must seek planning permission at all times if you are to change the exterior colour or texture of a listed building. This includes anything from a lick of paint, to the application of wall insulation.

If the façade changes shade in any way, it must first be under the consent of your local authority.

In addition to this, it’s not always as easy to renovate or decorate the inside of a listed building either.

Again, prior permission may be needed before attempting to alter any of your interior décor.

It doesn’t matter how beneficial your choice of insulation may be, there are further complications and unique challenges that must be considered with listed properties.

listed building insulation


Grade I Listed Buildings

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest. This is the highest level a listed building can achieve, meaning only 2.5% of the entire list is made up of Grade I properties.

For this reason, there are multiple rules and regulations in place to preserve and protect a Grade I building’s structure.

If insulation is to be replaced within such a property, it must be a ‘like for like’ replacement.

So if traditional wool insulation has been used, it must be replaced with a similar material.

Grade II and II* Listed Buildings

Listed building insulation regulations ease off a little when it comes to Grade II and II* listed properties. Grade II* is a step below Grade I, meaning these are important buildings of more than special interest, but not as highly valued as your Grade I.

A mere 5.8% of the register is made up of this kind of property. Grade II buildings are special interest buildings, and the most common on the list, making up around 92% of all registered buildings. This is the most likely grade for a residential home owner.

Grade II listed buildings can be insulated with all sorts of materials, including the incredibly effective spray foam insulation.

This is because the product helps to combat moisture, heat loss and condensation problems. Moisture and condensation are two of the biggest problems that older properties face.

The issues these two elements cause can have serious effects on a building’s structure.

Applying spray foam within the loft of a listed building can help to significantly reduce damp and moisture, protecting your property, for generations to come.

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Professional and Careful Approach

Listed building insulation is just like any other application, just with a lot more care and consideration.

We have vast experience working with listed buildings and structures of historical interest. The team here understand what it’s like to work within such strict and protected practices, ensuring the quality of work we provide is second-to-none each time.

We’d like to think we offer this level of professionalism and caution to all of our customers, regardless of the size, or status, of their property.

If you have a listed building, or a lovely little bungalow, give us a call today on 0800 1700 636. Alternatively, simply click the button below to talk to our team direct!