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Loft Insulation Thickness Regulations

The amount of insulation that is required within your loft has changed over the last few decades. There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the rise in energy prices-something which we’ve all unfortunately witnessed recently.


Thicker insulation provides improved thermal efficiency within the home, and therefore prevents your energy bills from spiking too highly.

But are there any loft insulation thickness regulations to maximise efficacy? And, if so, what are they?

Currently, UK building regulations stipulate that a minimum depth of 270mm is required to adequately protect your home, and keep it properly insulated.

This is just under a third of a metre – which may seem like quite a lot to you. This isn’t surprising either, as many older properties fail to comply with current regulations, and therefore fail to be as efficient as they should be.


How Important are Loft Insulation Thickness Regulations?

The regulations are there for a reason. Any installation of insulation within your loft space must meet minimum energy efficiency values, as set out in the Government’s Approved Documents. These are the rules, and they must be followed.

By ignoring these regulations, your loft may be improperly insulated and costing you hundreds of pounds across the year. By not following these regulations you are putting yourself at a disadvantage and harming your pocket!

Inadequate insulation will cause your property to lose heat and rely more on your thermostat to remain warm.

If you are pursuing a renovation project, and wish to renew more than 25% of your roof space, your loft insulation must also meet the standards required by these regulations.

Again, this should be insulated to the recommended depth of 270mm. Loft insulation thickness regulations are there for a reason – to heatproof your property, and consequently save you money on your energy bills!

Do I Need More Loft Insulation?

If your property is more than ten years old, then there is a good chance it could benefit from additional loft insulation material.

Checking to see if that is the case couldn’t be easier. Lift up your loft hatch and measure the distance between the top of the insulation material and the base board/element below. We always recommend doing this at the lowest point, rather than the highest, to get the most accurate representation.

Alternatively, you can request a free no-obligation quote and/or a professional site survey from the team here at LogicFoam.

There may be cases where a full insulation upgrade/replacement is not available, functional of feasible. In this case, your element should be upgraded to the best possible standard achievable with a payback of around 15 years.

Although, here at LogicFoam we believe almost any job is do-able! Give our team a call today to discuss your requirements.Our phone 0800 1700 636.

Loft Insulation Thickness Regulations

LogicFoam Spray Foam Insulation

LogicFoam is a type of spray foam insulation material we use and highly recommend here at LogicFoam.

This a wonderfully sustainable and reliable loose-fill product, that will allow you to achieve the minimum thickness with ease.

Representing one of the most modern and sophisticated products on the market today, we blow this material in place using pressured air, and a series of hoses.

The insulation material expands on impact, enlarging up to 100 times in size. We guarantee to meet loft insulation thickness regulations with LogicFoam and provide unrivalled levels of protection all year round.

Contact LogicFoam Today

Our team of experts and insulation specialists abide by all rules and professional protocols, including loft insulation thickness regulations.

We’ve been helping people to stay warmer and save money on energy bills for over 35 years now. We definitely know what we’re talking about and we’d love to share that information with you! Give us a call today on 0800 1700 636 or use our contact page to send us a quick message.

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