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The problems with Icynene

Problems with Icynene


Do you want to save up to 35% off your heating costs? Invest in Icynene today as it is a revolutionary source of insulation for homes and commercial properties. At Home Logic, we are a leading provider of Icynene spray foam. Before investing, you will want to know all the problems and benefits of Icynene. Read our article for all of the information you need to make an intelligent insulation purchase.

So, what are the problems with Icynene

The majority of Icynene problems are easily rectifiable. By hiring Home Logic as your Icynene spray foam provider, we guarantee to eliminate all possible problems. All Icynene spray foam installations come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Novice Icynene installation

The basis for problems with Icynene is often caused by incorrect installation. The installer needs to be professionally trained by Icynene to know the exact amount to apply and how long to leave it before reclosing the walls. You need to hire a certified Home Logic Icynene installer to avoid the following issues:

  • Incorrect amount of Icynene – If not installed correctly, the foam won’t expand to its full potential. Therefore, you won’t reap the complete benefits of its insulation properties, and will not be able to save up to 35% off your energy bills.
  • Bulging walls – Bulging walls can occur if Icynene is over-applied. Icynene foam continues to expand for a period of time; so if a wall is overfilled, the foam won’t have anywhere to escape. Overfilling leads to bulging and added pressure to the structure of your property.
  • Messy cleanup – Icynene can be quite challenging to remove if you aren’t a specialist. Our trained Home Logic professionals know how to clean up excess Icynene in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

Cost Issues

The initial installation cost of Icynene spray foam isn’t cheap if it’s done properly. If installed incorrectly, the cost to fix the damage done can be huge. Otherwise, you’d need to strip your walls to brick, putt in new studs, insulate, then drywall and repaint the room, which can cost far more time and money than Icynene.  The long-term money saving investment of Icynene is what makes it so popular.

Benefits of Icynene spray foam

  • Cut up to 35% off your energy bills
  • 25 year manufacture warranty
  • Increases comfort of property
  • Decreases potential for illness by sealing out pollutants
  • Increases building structure strength
  • Keeps out moisture which can lead to mould and damp

Why choose Home Logic

At Home Logic, we have the combined industry experience of over 35 years, and we are affiliated with the manufacturer of Icynene. Our specialist team offer free surveys on all commercial and domestic buildings when we can answer any other questions you might have regarding problems with Icynene.

Let a professional installer help you with this aspect of your new project, by calling 0800 1700 636 today