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Questions to Ask Double Glazing Salesmen

As a major property investment, knowing the right questions to ask double glazing salesmen is crucial. While brochures provide an indication of products and options for customisation, they fail to tell the full story.

To fill in the missing gaps, it is crucial to grill your contractor on the install process itself, and whether the promises they preach can be confidently delivered in practice.

Asking the right questions from the outset can save you hassle and heartache later on, while ensuring the service you receive exceeds expectations.  

To guide you through this process, we`ve compiled a list of questions to help you refine your choices, gain an accurate overview of the costs, and make a conscious, considered decision that addresses the needs of your home...

What are the Main Myths and Misconceptions About Double Glazing Installers?

On the whole, the majority of double glazing companies take pride in a job well done and providing a top-quality install that stands the test of time.

However, the few cowboy contractors that exist give the industry a bad name, resulting in skepticism from multiple homeowners who have been unconsciously misled by these crooks.

As a result of these mixed experiences, there are several misconceptions that still proliferate today, including:

  • Double glazing salesmen employ high-pressure sales tactics and refuse to leave your house until you`ve signed on the dotted line.
  • Discounts are only available for impromptu purchases, forcing homeowners to cough up the cash before they`re ready.
  • Double glazing installers fail to take responsibility for botched attempts, leaving property owners to pick up the pieces in the case of a sub-standard install.
  • The free survey service is simply a longstanding, industry trick to gain access to the property and persuade homeowners to commit to unnecessary upgrades for their properties.

While some companies attempt to flout the rules, the negative perceptions listed above are generally the exception.

A trustworthy, local contractor will work with your chosen timescales and encourage you to explore your options instead of simply pressing ahead.

Additionally, a respectable, double glazing company will provide a guarantee for their work, with the free site survey service used to assess the scope of the work, and provide a specific breakdown of costs to help you draw up a budget.

What Kinds of Questions Should I Ask my Contractor Before Committing?

Before committing to a project, and parting with your hard-earned cash, you should ask the following questions to acquire an overview of the company in question...

Question 1: How Long Have you Been Trading For?

Generally speaking, a company that has been trading for five years plus is a positive sign for property owners, indicating knowledge of the industry itself, and experience with installations for both modern and period properties.

If its reputation is built on word-of-mouth marketing, this is also an additional boon; if customers repeatedly recommend the firm, its overall standards of service are obviously something to shout about! 

Question 2: Who Manufactures Your Products? 

The quality of the product itself is as crucial as the quality of the install, making it vital to ask this question before parting with your hard-earned cash.

A trustworthy company should have a solid, working relationship with their selected manufacturer, enabling them to discuss each product in detail, and relay this information to their customers to support confident, considered decisions.

Question 3: Are You a Member of Any Professional Glazing Bodies/Associations?

A credible, local contractor should be certified by FENSA or CERTASS, with both of these professional bodies attesting to the quality of the firm in question.

This body was established to protect consumers, and ensure that standards of service exceed expectations. 

Questions 4: Can I See Some Examples of Your Past Projects?

When evaluating standards of service, examples of previous projects provide an overview of the overall craftsmanship.

Before and after case studies can help you visualise the transformation, and how it can benefit your home.

However, if a company is reticent to provide these examples, you should steer clear of their service-reputable, double glazing companies will be more than happy to showcase their work, and testimonials from previous customers who enlisted their assistance.

Forewarned is forearmed, and by asking the right questions in advance, you can replace initial skepticism with confident, considered decisions.

For further advice on double glazing, or what to expect from your install, simply call 0800 1700 636 to get in touch with our team today!