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SOLVED: Is A Conservatory A Habitable Room?

is a conservatory a habitable room

A conservatory can be a lot of things, but is a conservatory a habitable room?

If you’ve been wondering just what your conservatory is actually classed as, our guide is on hand to help. We’re going to be taking a look at the standard conservatory classification and just what you can do to change it. Want to get the most out of your conservatory? Read on to find out how…

What is a Habitable Room?

One person’s idea of ‘habitable’ may not be the same as the next. In fact, there is actually no set defintion for what a habitable room is.

There is one standard definition that is often used to describe a habitable room:

A habitable room is one that is utilised for dwelling purposes. It is not just a bathroom, kitchen, cellar, sanitary accommodation or utility room. 

This isn’t a very in-depth definition and is very often open to interpretation. But the big question is, can a conservatory fit the bill? 

Does a Conservatory Meet the Requirements?

There is often confusion surrounding whether a conservatory is a habitable room or not, some people say it is and other people say it isn’t. 

Generally, you can consider those conservatories that are exempt from planning permission as not being classed as habitable. For those conservatories, building regulations don’t apply, meaning that there are very little regulations that need to be followed to construct the conservatory in the first instance.

If the conservatory is not exempt from building regulations and approval was required, then in some instances, the space could be classified as habitable.

is a conservatory a habitable room 

Ensuring that the room is practical, it has heat, electricity and water, if needed, is essential if you want to room to be classed as habitable and actually function as such

How Can You Make Your Conservatory Habitable?

It is very possible to convert a conservatory into a habitable room, as long as you pay close attention to the building regulations. Converting a conservatory into a habitable room is a big change, but it could greatly benefit your home. 

A few factors stand out when determining whether a conservatory is habitable or not:

•    The functionality of the room
•    The privacy of the room
•    The temperature of the room

For a conservatory to be classed as a room, all these factors need to be addressed, but the extent to which they will need to be considered will change depending on the purpose of the room. 

Conservatory Functionality

Before a conservatory can be classed as a room it needs to have all the amenities that you would expect a room to have. A conservatory kitchen, for example, will need electricity and drainage. 

Ensuring that the room is practical, it has heat, electricity and water, if needed, is essential if you want to room to be classed as habitable and actually function as such. 

is a conservatory a habitable room

The design of the insulation creates a very private room and it prevents all sun glare from entering the space. The high-quality nature of the insulation will also help to increase energy efficiency, so the room doesn’t cost too much to heat

Conservatory Privacy

A conservatory is not well-designed for privacy, which you’ll need to solve if you ever want the room to become a habitable part of your home. The windows in particular can let in a significant amount of light and expose the entire room to the outside. 

Installing blinds will help to control light and add privacy, but you’ll also need to think about the roof One of the best solutions to create a private conservatory roof, conservatory insulation, leads us onto the next point…

Conservatory Temperature

At certain times of the year a conservatory can be very cold and at other times it can be very warm, these issues need to be addressed if you want the conservatory to be to be usable as a functional space. 

Conservatory insulation for the roof of the room can help significantly to regulate the temperature and make heating the room a possibility. The insulation protects against both heat loss and heat gain, making it the ideal solution to every weather extreme. 

Converting Your Conservatory

By looking at those issues that make a conservatory unpleasant at certain times of the year or under certain conditions, you can help to turn the space into a part of your home that is used on a much more regular basis. 

There is certainly a lot that goes into deciding to turn a conservatory into a habitable room, and a lot to do after, but can truly enhance what you can achieve with your home. 

If you’re considering converting your conservatory, then talk to our team of industry professionals today by calling 0800 1700 636. Our experts will be able to help you to achieve the kind of conservatory that has the potential to be the best area of your home!