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Spray foam Insulation Alcester

spray foam insulation alcester

Alcester is one of many towns in Britain with Roman origins. Alauna, as the town was known at the time, was founded by the Romans almost 2000 years ago, and rose to prominence as an important walled town and fort.

The Romans were incredibly innovative for their time; they created the first newspaper, designed modern plumbing, developed concrete, and even invented air conditioning.

To go along with their brand-new plumbing, the Romans also invented plumbing insulation by wrapping the pipes in cork to keep water warm.

Insulation has come a very long way since Roman times, and even further from the mud that the Ancient Egyptians used to insulate their homes and the asbestos invented by the Ancient Greeks.

Today, you can insulate your home easily and effectively with Icynene spray foam insulation in Alcester.

Alcester spray foam insulation is one of the most innovative insulation materials available on the market.

You can use spray foam insulation in Alcester to insulate pipes like the Ancient Romans or your entire home like the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks – but with much better results!

How Does Alcester Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Work?

While there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with mud or cork as insulation materials – unlike asbestos – modern insulation is a much better choice for your home. 

Icynene spray foam in Alcester is an IAB, ETA, and BBA certified water-blown insulation material. Spray foam has a very low thermal conductivity and remarkable air-sealing properties. 

The Alcester spray foam installation process is quick, no matter where in your home you decide to add insulation.

It’s possible to install spray foam insulation in most areas of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, including in inaccessible spaces, around plumbing, and in outbuildings. 

Upon application, spray foam grows very quickly until such a point where it reaches 100x its original size.

The expansion of the foam allows it to fill all cracks and crevices in a space to establish an air barrier. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is also capable of creating a watertight barrier. 

After application, the foam will cure for 24 hours. Once dry, spray foam chemicals won’t change over time; the insulation will remain stable with no shrinkage. 

The primary benefits of Spray foam insulation are an exceptional resistance to heat transfer and the ability to achieve a significant reduction in air movement.

The insulation will increase the performance of heating and cooling systems, reduce wasted energy, and deliver great savings on energy bills.

Further benefits of an Icynene spray foam install in Alcester include better indoor air quality, a reduction in moisture-related problems, improved soundproofing, and less draughts in the area where the insulation is installed. 

Where to Visit in Alcester While Spray Foam Cures

To achieve the best results from an Alcester Icynene spray foam installation, it’s always better to enlist the help of a professional installation team. The only thing that you’ll need to do on installation day is plan a day out to pass the curing time. 

Here are two ideas for historical attractions to visit in the Alcester area while your insulation cures:

Mary Arden’s Farm

There are few attractions near Alcester that are more unique or exciting than Mary Arden’s Farm.

Named after its famous past occupant – Shakespeare’s mother – Mary Arden’s Farm is a working Tudor farm. There’s a lot to see and take in at the farm, as well as many activities held through the day for you to get involved in.

Alcester Heritage Centre

Delve into the fascinating story of Alcester’s history and learn more about the town during Roman times with a trip to Alcester Heritage Centre. The Roman Museum is a great place to visit in Alcester for an interesting day out while your insulation cures.

Modern Alcester spray foam is a world away from traditional materials, delivering superior comfort, heat control, and health benefits that last for many years after installation. 

Home Logic’s Expert Service for Spray Foam Installation in Alcester 

Advanced home improvements make it incredibly easy to modernise your home in Alcester and introduce greater energy efficiency and better control over temperature, moisture problems, and air quality. 

Here at Home Logic, our family-run service provides many modern home improvement solutions in Alcester and across the UK.

You can contact us directly on 0800 1700 636, or request a call back on our website to learn more about spray foam in Alcester.