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Spray Foam Insulation And Pets: The Essential Guide

spray foam insulation and pets

As the UK moves towards a more energy efficient future, home improvements are becoming more and more of a necessity. But when it comes to investing in home improvements, the first question any homeowner should ask is, is it safe for me and my pets?

The responsibility of owning a pet also comes with the responsibility of making sure that your home environment is pet friendly. Many of us have been in the same position before, facing utter chaos with upturned bins, furniture that has been revamped with teeth or claw marks, and nibbled electrical wires.

In order to make our homes both safe for our pets and from our pets, we have to make adjustments.

This is especially the case with home improvements that are built to last, like spray foam insulation. When investing in a product that has both a short-term and a substantial long-term set of implications, you need to be sure that the product isn’t going to damage your health or that of your pets.

So, do spray foam insulation and pets make a good combination? We have the answers, and we’re here to share them in the following article… The first step is to look at exactly what spray foam insulation is, and how it is installed.

How Is Spray Foam Insulation Installed?

The first step is to look at exactly what spray foam insulation is, and how it is installed.

Spray foam insulation is a water blown insulation; this means that initially it is in liquid form. The product comes in two varieties, open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam.

Each has different properties in terms of insulation efficiency, but are installed in a very similar way. Spray foam can be sprayed onto surfaces, in between cavity walls, or even under the floorboards.

The versatile nature of spray foam insulation means that it is a widely used form of both commercial and domestic insulation. But when looking at spray foam insulation and pets, it is the most revolutionary aspect of spray foam that needs to be considered.

When spray foam is used on a surface, it expands to around 30x-60x its original volume. This helps to create an air-tight seal for optimum heat retention, but also introduces the main hazard of spray foam insulation and pets.

spray foam insulation and pets

At LogicFoam, we know just what safety measures to put into place to ensure that the home improvement doesn’t cause any problems for your or your beloved pets!

How Will Spray Foam Insulation Affect My Pets?

There are two main problems that can arise between spray foam insulation and pets. These surround the liquid material, and the material once it has already expanded. Both can easily be avoided, but it is vital to know what to look out for before having spray foam installed.

Liquid Spray Foam: Arguably, spray foam is at its most dangerous before it has even been used. As the product will expand once it has been applied, ingesting the product is incredibly dangerous, both for humans and pets.

Once ingested, the spray foam will start to expand inside the stomach, causing serious damage. Mistaking spray for another product, and using it externally, can also pose risks.

Expanded Spray Foam: Spray foam insulation does not make a good chew toy for pets. After installation, any exposed spray foam could become a potential hazard for those pets who can’t help but to chew the newest additions to your home.

The best way to avoid any possible problem with spray foam insulation and pets, is to vacate your home during the installation process and for 24 hours after the insulation has been installed.

Once applied and set, spray foam insulation is completely safe. The materials are non-toxic, and both you and your pets will benefit from a warmer home with lowered energy bills. Checking around for any left-over insulation materials, will also mean that your pets won’t accidentally stumble across a new chew toy.

Stay Safe with Professionally Installed Spray Foam Insulation

The problems that can arise with newly fitted spray foam insulation are very minimal compared with the benefits on offer.

But it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a professional service to complete the job is a much safer alternative to undergoing spray foam installation process yourself, or with a company that has little experience with installing the product.

At LogicFoam, we know just what safety measures to put into place to ensure that the home improvement doesn’t cause any problems for your or your beloved pets.

With a long list of previous customers that have benefited from our professionally fitted spray foam, we always make sure that your home is safe, in the short-term and in the long-run. Any risk between spray foam insulation and pets, can easily be avoided with a bit of extra care.

You can’t put a price on safety, and with professionally installed insulation, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you and your pets are protected from potential problems from the outset. Take the first step to achieving a healthier home today, by calling 0800 1700 636, or by simply clicking the button below!

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