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Stop Draughts and Eliminate Cold Spots in the House

Having a properly insulated house is essential if you would like to stop draughts in your home or eliminate cold spots. Draughts appear when there are unwanted gaps in your home and are most noticeable found around:

  • Windows
  • Doors, including keyholes and letterboxes
  • Loft hatches
  • Electrical fittings
  • Ceiling to wall joints
  • Roofs and attics

Eliminate cold spots but ensure you are well ventilated

Although it is essential to stop draughts to eliminate cold spots in the home, you also need to be mindful of giving your home adequate ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to air being unable to circulate and getting stuck in the home.

This can cause unpleasant issues such as cooking smells lingering, second hand smoke not being able to escape or build-up of moisture from showers and bathrooms leading to condensation. By consulting aninsulation expert, you can gain advice on what is the best solution to insulate and seal your home to stop draughts and improve your quality of life at home.

How do I improve my homes ventilation and eliminate cold spots

The average person breathes in around 12,500 litres of air each day, that’s the equivalent of over 100 bathtubs full! It has recently been reported that indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as outdoor, this is due mainly to stagnant and trapped air but a number of issues can factor into it, by insulating your home with LogicFoam you can provide your roof with a breathable insulation which allows air to transfer without any build-up of moisture or damp.

This will also eliminate cold spots and stop draughts around your home.

Air Leakage cold home

In a living space such as a bedroom, front room or kitchen mechanical ventilation is recommended to maintain good air quality standards, however by insulating spaces such as your roof you can achieve keeping the bulk of moisture out of your home, protect against condensation and maintain even temperatures throughout the attic space in your home.

Moisture being produced in your home

Moisture build up in the home can lead to damp and condensation damage, by reducing air leakage points and adequately ventilating your home you can prevent structural damage to your home.

Damp in Home

Research has now shown that a 1mm air gap can lead to 360ml of moisture build up per day. This equates to 10 litres a month and once it causes damage to the structure of your property you can see timbers, walls and electrical fixing being affected.

How much moisture do we produce?

Little day to day activities can add to moisture build up, this table below shows typical examples of lesser known ways moisture can creep into your home.

Two people at home 3 pints
Taking a bath or shower 2 pints
Drying clothes indoors 9 pints
Cooking or using a kettle 6 pints
Washing dishes 2 pints

Ways to reduce moisture in the home.

  • Ventilate adequately.
  • Insulate your home with a breathable material such as LogicFoam.
  • Hang your washing outside to dry wherever possible.
  • Stop leaving your wet or damp washing on warm radiators to dry.
  • When cooking, ensure lids are left on pots and pans. This stops wastage of gas as well as preventing moisture build up.

Want to know how to eliminate cold spots in the house and stop draughts?

LogicFoam was born 30 years ago in United Kingdom and has evolved to become one of the leading and most economically friendly spray foam insulations on the market to day.

There are numerous health, environmental and money saving benefits to be made from LogicFoam which can be found here. It provides homeowners with a comfortable, breathable home which can stop draughts, keep your home at a more regulated temperature (summer or winter) and eliminate cold spots.

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