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What Is A Conservatory Room In A House? The Definitive Answer

 What Is A Conservatory Room In A House

Homes come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of rooms, interiors, exteriors and features. In the UK, more and more of us are opting for houses with conservatories built on, to better enjoy the outside from within.

But exactly what is a conservatory room in a house, and how can it be made as comfortable as possible?

A conservatory is a room on a property that sticks out externally from the main property, normally onto a patio, or into a garden, and is normally only attached to the property on one side of the wall. It is primarily constructed of glass, often floor-to-ceiling, or partially glazed windows and a glass roof.

Conservatories originated in the 16th century, when rich property owners tried to start cultivating citrus fruits themselves, so as not to have to import them from warmer climes abroad.

Many large cities have municipal conservatory buildings for gardens, art galleries or public spaces, but most common now are home conservatories.

These bridge the gap nicely between the indoors and outside world, allowing those within them to enjoy the feeling, smells and sounds of the great outdoors no matter the weather outside.

Conservatories are often southern-facing to take advantage of warm weather as best they can in the UK, but, unfortunately, it’s still common for conservatories to only be used during the summer – and even then, on days when it’s not ‘too’ hot!

As much as us Brits seem to love having conservatories, we’re not very economical with using them: either spending lots of money on constantly heating and cooling them to keep the temperature comfortable, or just not using them at all when the temperature isn’t quite right.

But there is a way to ensure full usage of a conservatory year-round: Home Logic Conservatory Insulation.

What Is A Conservatory Room In A House

What Is Home Logic Conservatory Insulation?

A specialist insulation product unlike any other, Home Logic Conservatory room Insulation is a silver-coloured foil that’s made up of layers. These layers include aluminium, vapour control material, thermal wadding and pockets designed to keep air within them.

When working in combination, these layers protect against extreme temperature changes (both increasing with warmth and decreasing with cold), to help maintain an ambient, comfortable temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation therefore doesn’t just work to heat like regular insulation panels, but instead to maintain comfort.

The foil material stops 91% of heat loss passing through it and forms a total block to any moisture. This eliminates the risk of damp.

Having proper insulation installed means that you can enjoy your conservatory room throughout the seasons, with no concern as to the temperature outside: giving you a whole new living space to use in your home!

It need not just be a chill-out sitting room, but could be a craft room, office, play room or even library… the possibilities are endless.

There’s no cavities in conservatory room walls, so where does the insulation go?

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation is applied directly onto the interior of the conservatory roof and then covered. This gives you a solid, lightweight roof solution with no additional planning permission required or building regulations to be adhered to.

Having a solid roof has its own benefits: including lesser fading of furniture in the conservatory due to sunshine exposure, and less glare on devices that you use while in the room.

How does Home Logic Conservatory Insulation save you money?

Maintaining an ambient temperature results in you having to heat and cool the conservatory room less – cutting your energy bills considerably.

The difference will be noticeable immediately after installation, improving not just your bank balance, but your property’s energy efficiency as well!

Who Installs This Type Of Insulation?

Home Logic Conservatory Insulation should only be installed by specialist technicians. Here at Home Logic, we have a team of expert trades people that are recommended by Which? as Trusted Traders, and are full accredited by the British Board of Agrement.

You can also read impartial third party reviews from our existing customers on TrustPilot, where the current rating sits at an impressive 9.6 out of 10!

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