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Why Is Insulation Important In Our Homes?

why is insulation important in our homes

Today, there is a lot of focus about getting onto the housing ladder, and seemingly not enough focus about just what to do when you’re on it.

For many home owners who are trying to juggle a busy schedule, there is often not enough hours in the day to worry about the future of the property that you have worked so hard to buy.

So, what can you do to optimise the potential of your home, save yourself some money, and create a more comfortable environment for your family? For busy homeowners across the UK, the answer is very closely tied to, why is insulation important in our homes? It’s time to find out…

  • Less Risk of Damp – ‘Damp’ is one of the words that homeowners never want to hear, after all, who wants to live in a damp home? Professionally installed insulation is a protection against damp. By choosing an insulation that doesn’t create cold spots, like spray foam, your home can be protected against damp and mould growth.
  • Lower Heating Bills – One of the biggest reasons that many homeowners invest in insulation is the reduction to their heating bills. By forming a thermal barrier between the inside of your property and the outside, heat loss is significantly reduced. This will very quickly translate to lowered heating bills, especially if you also switch your energy provider. The reduction to energy bills makes insulation an investment in your property that will pay for itself.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – Heat loss has a significant impact on the environment, the more heat that is wasted, the more energy that we need. By not making the most of the energy that we are paying for, we are having a detrimental effect on the environment. Many of the top insulation materials are also very eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Better EPC Rating – Tied into the reduced carbon footprint that insulation provides, a well-insulated home may be eligible for an energy efficiency rating This is the rating used to evaluate your properties energy performance, an important factor to look at when wondering why is insulation important in our homes.
  • Increased Property Value – With a lower EPC comes an increased property value. Not only do potential buyers look at whether a property has been insulated properly, but for some buyers, the EPC rating of a home plays a very crucial role in the decision to buy.
  • Noise Reduction – Just as home insulation provides insulation against heat loss, it also insulates a property against external noise. Whether you’re tired of hearing your neighbours arguing, sick of listening to the dog two doors down that never stops barking, or want to lift your home up and moving it 10 metres backwards so you don’t have to listen to street noise, a bit of sound-proofing is never a bad thing.

There are a lot of answers to the question, why is insulation important in our homes? But as with many home improvement projects, it’s the end result that really delivers noticeable benefits. Sadly you can’t feel the benefits to your home and quality of life before the insulation has been fitted, but you can read how other people have benefited from insulation.

why is insulation important in our homes

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When your foot is firmly on the property ladder, the last thing you probably want to be thinking about is insulation. However, for your properties future and your own comfort, it is an investment that is well worth considering.

For professional advice about the best ways to get started with efficient home insulation, or for more information as to why is insulation important in our homes, you can contact us here at Home Logic.

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