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Spray Foam Insulation

Will Spray Foam Stop Water Leaks?

will spray Foam Stop Water Leaks

Once damp takes hold in a home, it can be fatal for the surfaces within which it’s settled. Gaps in insulation, leaks and rain can all cause damp – and once it’s in, it’s difficult to dispel and dry out.

Whilst most of us look internally for the cause of the moisture, it’s often actually bridged through from exterior walls: as the insulation sandwiched between wall cavities absorbs the water and passes it through.

Homeowners up and down the country are moving away from traditional insulation products, such as fibreglass rolls, for exactly this reason, and onto more innovative insulation solutions that better seal out moisture. But will spray foam stop water leaks, and how is it installed? We investigate…

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

LogicFoam spray foam insulation is an industrial foam that, once expanded and dried, fills any space around it, and seals it off to both air flow and residual moisture in the air.

Even if water is sprayed directly onto it, it won’t allow it to travel through, acting instead as a barrier between it and the property within.

This thermal resistance keeps cold air and water out: leaving the property within a comfortable temperature and, most importantly, completely dry. LogicFoam spray foam insulation will stop water leaks in their tracks!

Originally intended as an insulation product, spray foam insulation has been found to have numerous benefits for those who have it installed in their homes. Aside from keeping out the cold and wet, it also:

Soundproofs Your Rooms

The open cell structure of the foam means that airborne noise is caught within it, and unable to travel through further into the insulated space.

This reduces noise from outside , such as traffic and aircraft, and stops noise from indoors travelling out. Noisy neighbours no longer need be a problem!

Keeps Pests At Bay

Spray foam insulation forms a seal around a property, with no gaps for mice, rats or termites to enter.

Unwanted visitors will be a thing of the past, and kept away, with no way of gaining entry, and nothing to eat on the way in!

Improves Air Quality Within The Home

Despite it being a specially formulated chemical mix, there are no toxic ingredients within spray foam insulation, and no risk of ‘off-gassing’ as it ages.

In conjunction with the air-tight seal that it creates to protect your home, the risk of external pollutants and allergens entering the air is almost zero… unless you leave your windows open, of course!

With air quality decreasing steadily in urban areas, and frequently hitting the headlines, your health will benefit greatly from time spent within cleaner and healthier air in your home.

will spray Foam Stop Water Leaks

If your home is prone to damp or you’re worried about leaks within it, contact a specialist. Spray foam insulation technicians are more than willing to come to your property to have a look round, assess it properly, and discuss your options with you!

Spray Foam’s Biggest Benefit: Lowered Monthly Bills!

With an air-tight and water-resistant environment within the home, there’s lesser need to continually heat and cool the space. Up to 40% savings on household bills have been reported by existing spray foam insulation customers as they enjoy a warmer, cheaper home.

Lesser energy usage also increases energy efficiency levels, promoting your home a rung up the ladder on the eco-efficiency scale!

If your home is prone to damp or you’re worried about leaks within it, contact a specialist. Spray foam insulation technicians are more than willing to come to your property to have a look round, assess it properly, and discuss your options with you.

Having spray foam insulation installed to stop your water leaks is definitely not a D.I.Y job, and should only be handled by specialists.

As the UK’s leading installation team, with a 9.4 out of 10 rating on review site TrustPilot, we pride ourselves on our professionalism! Here’s what some of their existing customers have to say:

“It is almost impossible to find fault with this company. What a difference the insulation has made! The fitter was only happy if I was, and hard work was the name of his game. Not only was he intelligent, caring and thoroughly professional, he was capable, resourceful and patiently willing to explain each step.”

“We were very pleased with the installation. The fitters were very polite and worked hard. Our loft is only part boarded, full of years of junk and lots of fibre glass insulation. They managed to move everything around and clear out the fibre glass. The new foam looks fine to us!”

“A first class product installed by first class operatives, they were prompt, well mannered,very clean and obviously knew their job. I would not hesitate to recommend this type of insulation and LogicFoam to anybody.”

Give moisture it's marching orders with the help of spray foam insulation. Simply call 0800 1700 636, or click the button below, to get the ball rolling today!

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