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Resin Driveway Company Southampton

Resin Driveway Company Southampton

Do you want to transform your driveway within just 48 hours? What do you think is your best driveway option? Concrete? Asphalt? How about resin? If you answered resin, you are probably looking for a resin driveway company in Southampton and the surrounding districts.

But why is resin such a popular surfacing material for Southampton homes? Well, for starters, resin helps you get a highly cosmetic finish for your driveway. Resin is 10 times more eco-friendly than any other material on offer, and increases kerb appeal immeasurably.

But the biggest benefit of resin is that it allows water to drain naturally through the finished surface.

In order to show you that resin is the best option for driveways, let’s take a look some popular driveway alternatives, and see how they really compare…

Resin Driveway Company Southampton: What are the Options?

Here’s the lowdown on the main driveway materials on the market today:


Concrete is considered to be one of the most popular driveway materials on offer. One of the big advantages of concrete is durability. The driveway will last for 40 years easily and needs little to no maintenance.

However, the repair is costly, and the initial installation will take a toll on your budget as well.


– Highly durable material

– Requires little maintenance

– Does not need any kind of sealing


– Cracks in freezing weather

– Difficult to repair

– Cannot withstand changes in temperature

– Most expensive material on the market

Resin Driveway Company Southampton


The best way to look at asphalt is as a cheap alternative to concrete. The downside is that unlike concrete, asphalt is only available in black. But on the flip side, asphalt can handle changes in temperature well, including extremes of heat and cold.


– Handles temperature changes

– Costs two to three times less than concrete

– Dries fast, and you can use it immediately

– Easy to repair


– Only available in black

– Require regular maintenance

– Need constant resurfacing


Several years ago, gravel was reserved for rural areas. However, since then, gravel has made its way into urban areas as well.

The big advantage of gravel is versatility. You can make it from clay, sand, or rock. And unlike regular rocks, gravel compacts better, and makes your surface more stable for cars.


– Does not sink, soften, or crack

– Easy to install

– Wide range of shapes and colours


– Prone to constant displacements

– Very dusty

– Requires regular maintenance

Resin Driveway Company Southampton

Driveway Pavers

Among the many driveway options available, driveway pavers can be considerably costly. The reason for the high price is the installation process itself.

Driveway pavers are installed by hand, which makes for a long and laborious process. However, pavers are very attractive, with a wide range of colours to choose from.


– You can try D.I.Y installation, but it is time consuming

– Can last a long time


– Requires landscape changes for a flat surface

– Some materials crack under pressure

Why Resin is the Best Southampton Driveway Solution

Now that we’ve explored all the options, let’s discuss why resin is the best one overall. And with that, why should you start looking for a resin driveway company in Southampton, that makes professionalism its prerogative.

Make sure you hire a professional and reliable contractor with positive reviews. Here are the main advantages of resin bound driveways:

– Many different coloured aggregates to choose from

– The end result is a decorative and natural appearance that no other material can match

– Rough texture of the resin offers additional, anti slip qualities

– Unlike gravel, resin does not lose particles of stone

– Resin does not get washed away during wet weather

– Can withstand heavy use of pedestrians and traffic

Need any further convincing? Our friendly Southampton based team are here to help! They don’t bite, and they will happily provide you with some invaluable advice to aide your decision-making!

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information regarding resin surfacing by arranging a free survey with us