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The Big Questions: Should You Astro Turf Your Lawn?



Martin sprouted up from the North East of England and has been somewhat on the move ever since. After living in various countries and studying in Belgium, he now temporarily lives in Australia and works as a freelance writer. Although his environment may have changed frequently over the last few years, he has always kept a budding enthusiasm for all things outdoors and has a keen interest in garden renovations.

Should Your Astro Turf Your Lawn

There’s a debate causing a stir in gardening store aisles and over allotment fences across the globe. The replacement of lawns with artificial grass has risen recently.

But, why are people choosing plastic over authentic turf? What are the benefits of artificial grass? What are the drawbacks? We’re here to find out and it’s about time you met Stacey and David to learn more.

Meet Stacey And David...

On one side of the fence, we have Stacey. Stacey has dug up her lawn and replaced it with artificial grass. As her kids play football in the background without marking the turf, she's currently telling her neighbour David how great it's been since she made the switch.

David listens attentively to Stacey as she tells him all the benefits of her artificial grass. David was planning to do the same once but after careful consideration decided against it. He tells Stacey his own experiences…

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Stacey: “One of the reasons I love it so much Dave is because I know I’m helping the environment. I don’t waste any of our precious water and I haven’t bought fertilizer since the day it was installed. We sold the lawn mower and used the money to go on holiday. Spain. 14 nights. It was lovely! And, I now have more free time to spend on the plants and enjoy the garden.”

David: “It does look really nice Stacey! Have you ever considered the environment when it needs replacing? Most of these artificial lawns aren’t biodegradable and are going to end up in the ground in time. They also absorb heat and make the surrounding air very warm?”

Stacey: “Well, the company we bought it from actually use recycled materials to make it, so it’s even more environmentally-friendly. It’s quite common apparently. And, it’s supposed to last around 25 years so that’s a lot more trips to southern Europe for the family! I never considered what will happen down the line Dave – that’s a good point!

David: “I see the boys are enjoying their football on it. Young Liam has a great left foot. Have they ever been injured because of the artificial grass? There’s less give in those lawns and even all the pros are getting hurt on them!”

Stacey: “Actually, now you mention it, my youngest said his knee was hurting recently and said he never bumped it – maybe it was the artificial grass? Maybe it’s not as safe for sports as I originally thought?”

David: “It could well be that – maybe take them to the park in future to avoid more injuries. What do you have to do to maintain it?”

Stacey: “That’s a good idea, thanks Dave! We might not have to cut the grass or put down chemicals anymore, but we still have to maintain it a little. It’s like another floor that needs sweeping and washing to get rid of germs. Thankfully we don’t have pets like you, or we would have to wash their mess of it too!”

David: “Yeah, my dog was one of the reasons I didn't get one. I don't want to have to scrub as well as tidy up after her. I’m busy enough as it is. Regular lawns are much better at naturally rinsing away any germs and hygiene hazards. It’s good for your household though Stacey, and it does look really authentic!”

Stacey: “My mother-in-law popped around for a cuppa last week and we told her it was real and she believed us. My Bob even asked our daughter’s boyfriend to water it for us and he was fooled too. We had many options when we bought it. We could choose the exact shade of the grass, the texture and even the blade length! 

*Stacey and David say goodbye and go inside.

Should Your Astro Turf Your Lawn

So, What Side of The Fence Are You On?

Now you’ve heard the benefits and disadvantages of replacing a lawn with artificial grass, what side of the fence do you sit on? Are you with Stacey or are you with David? Click the button below and join the debate today!

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